Wanted: A Companion to Travel With

In the summer of 2004 I was singing the singles blues. As a single woman, one often thinks of things she would enjoy doing, and how much more fulfilling it would be if she had someone to do it with. My thing that year was traveling. No sailing the high seas, or backpacking through Europe, but a little weekend getaway would do just fine.


I love to travel…always have. For me it doesn’t have to be someplace far away, just someplace new and interesting. When you’re in your teens or early twenties it’s easy to find a girlfriend or two to accompany you on some wonderful adventure. But as time moves forward, your friends become married, single mothers, career warriors, and community leaders who barely have time to fix a meal let alone get away for an entire weekend. And let’s face it, you would rather be getting away with one whom you call “your man” anyway. And just in case it’s not clear, this “man” should be your “husband”. (Smile)


So one weekend in August I asked God to be my traveling companion. Now of course the Lord is always with me and if I were traveling with my husband, God would be my companion still. However, on this trip it was my intention to have long talks, walks, and quiet times with my Savior and Him alone. This was a special invitation. This was a long overdue invitation. This was an invite that I should have extended to God first above all others in the first place. I desired an intimate getaway with God. So I asked Him. And guess what ya’ll? God said, “Yes.” (Smile)


I let my loved ones know when and where I would be traveling to. I rented a modest vehicle and prepared for a two day in-state road trip. Kentucky is so beautiful in the summer and fall seasons. We (the Lord and I) journeyed southwest and toured some of the grandest caves in the country. We viewed the falls at Lake Cumberland. As I sat in the sand eating fruit and watching families come and go, He sent a cool breeze from off the waters letting me know He was still very present with me. It made my heart skip a beat.


God made everything beautiful for us on that trip. The skies were perfectly clear. The Spirit of the Lord led me to the best shops and restaurants. I felt safe and secure as I laid to rest at night. In my hotel room I rejoiced, sang, and danced on the beds in praise. That was so fun…being silly with God. And as it was time to come home I didn’t feel any sorrow. You know how it is returning home from an excellent vacation; you wish you could stay just one more day. I didn’t feel that this time. The source of my excellent time was going back home with me! Intimacy with God never has to end. The honeymoon is never over.


So I no longer delay my desire to travel to places far near for the sake of being single. (Smile)


Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.



Miss Love In Waiting


2 thoughts on “Wanted: A Companion to Travel With

  1. Ahh yet another post of yours that has directly resonated in MY soul! I felt this exact way last year too (we share ALOT in common sis)…I hadn’t ever traveled to an exotic location by myself and I was thinking “what am I waiting for? My girlfriends are all saying they don’t have the $$$ and that is understandable they are in school or have kids but me? Um I have the money, I have the time, I am GOING” So it was April 2009 and I started researching places I like going like Lancaster, PA. I had gone to a B&B there before and this time around I thought “nah I want to go far if I can afford it” so long story short, I booked a trip to CANCUN MEXICO for the last week in June. As soon as school let out I packed my bags, and I was OUT too lol! My family and close friends were like “Oh my goodness; why would you travel so far alone? That is not safe. Be careful.” Despite their warnings I ventured forth with confidence; and returned with a gorgeous deep Mexican tan, new friends, stories to tell, and having spent MUCH time in devotions with the lover of my soul: Jesus Christ, right there on the beautiful beaches of Cancun. I tell people this all the time and they are so amazed. I had one friend who started crying because she thought I was amazing for having done that alone. It was well worth the money and time…I shall never forget it.

    1. I love it Miss Demetria! That is so inspirational! I’m encouraged now to travel beyond the US borders. I have another single friend that has made many trips to Europe. It’s such a wonderful experience. Exeperiences that shouldn’t be missed because of being single. God is with us at all times. He said He would never leave us nor forsake us! Praise God!

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