Financial Integrity

I’ve never been one to say that I will only date “rich” Christian men. There are many brothers in Christ that have made substantial fortunes. Following after them are women who are bright eyed for the Benjamins. They have lacked in their own financial integrities and seek to be dependent on somebody else.

Many make the mistake of thinking that marrying money will solve problems. The number one cause for divorce in this country is money. And I believe it has a lot to do with how we manage it…not the lack of it. If we learn as singles to be better managers of our money now, we can focus more on love later. (Big Smile)

As a relationship progresses and becomes more serious, finance is a topic that definitely should be discussed. However, the conversation should be geared to how he feels about money, not how much money he has. And in return he’s going to want to know how you feel about money. And your answer will be?

See money for what it is. It’s not our deliverer. It won’t bring happiness. To shine in the area of stewardship is what God is calling for; and it will make us better prepared for the financial challenges that await us entering into marriage.

Money doesn’t make perfect marriages.

Here are some great financial tips that I’m practicing while in my “waiting” period.

Give God one-tenth of your income.

This is going to put you on the right track for spiritual as well as financial freedom. God isn’t asking much. Most of us spend one-tenth on one pair of shoes. Don’t act like you don’t. 😉 Our tithes support the church and the work of the ministry.

Don’t spend more money than you have. Follow a monthly budget.

We must find financial freedom for ourselves before we demand it of our prospective beau’s. That’s fair.

Pay off debt.

Think of the plans you have envisioned for your life with your new love. Remember money is the number one battle in marriage, so help eliminate the drama by eliminating debt.


Save for what you say? Oh, I hear somebody right now saying, “It’s my money and I can do what I want with it.” Well let’s look at this a minute. You eliminate debt and create wealth for yourself. You find someone who has or is doing the same. Imagine not having to worry about bills on your wedding night! Imagine changing your children’s family tree! Imagine you and your hubby loving each other on a beach in Maui in the midst of a struggling economy!


Support your local ministry, charity, or loved ones that need a little help. My momma always said, “If you want to feel better, do something for somebody else.” It works every time. Thanks mommy.

Want more tips and direction about personal finance? DM me on Twitter!

…Or seek counsel from a real expert and visit Dave Ramsey online – (Smile!)


Miss Love In Waiting


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