Finding the Right Fit

How many times have women gone shoe shopping and passed over dozens of heels, boots, and pointy-toe flats because, at a glance, we just didn’t like them? They’re not the color we usually wear. That particular day we only wanted a wedge. Or, we head straight to the clearance and never give other shoes a first glance.  Only in that rare moment when a shoe catches our eye are we willing to go to the next level…the try on.

The elite shoe shoppers of the world know that you can not judge a shoe by its style, appearance, or store placement alone. If you want a shoe that will fit your foot like a glove and make you feel like Cinderella, you have to try them on. Not just the one or two that fits your usual fancy, but many. You can not judge how a shoe will accent your foot or elongate your legs while it’s still on the shelf.

Now how does this relate to finding God’s man for you? I’m sure you clever gals have figured it out already.

Be open.

If we’ve prayed and asked God to bless us with a companion, we must trust that He who created us, knows what is best for us. Some have gone from one unsuccessful relationship to another not realizing that they are trying on the same shoe again and again. We walk blindly with a closed mind and hardened heart picking up the same size, feel, and fit. We must be okay with the fact that some shoes are not going to do anything for us.  That’s a painful concept when waiting for love and shopping for shoes, but move on with great expectations.

My opinion is NOT to date every man with a pulse, but cautiously take that second look. God may have placed the very one for you right under your button nose! Don’t immediately dismiss a man because he doesn’t drive a nice car. This same man may be the one willing to go on spiritual journeys in Christ Jesus with you. He may be the one that will still see you as the sexiest woman in the world after you’ve given birth to your second child together…and you’ve gained 20+ pounds. He could be the one to care for you when you’re older and gray. Why risk experiencing this kind of love because you don’t like his last name, the way he parts his hair, or how his older sister used to steal your cousins’ toys in elementary school. (Smile)

Be open. Be true to yourself. Be true to God and His Word.

If you give him a closer look, seek to find excellence beyond the surface, and if he’s still not a perfect fit…put him back on the shelf (so to speak). Keep looking. At least you know you gave it a chance. You will gain experience, wisdom, and learn more about you. Stay prayerful, be open to God’s guidance, and let Him help you discover the perfect fit for your life. With an open heart, you won’t pass it by.


Miss Love In Waiting


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