My Place Is Not On The Floor

I am a witness today that putting all trust in God brings about great rewards. There were issues in my life that I warred with daily. Finally, I realized that as long as I was trying to fight this battle myself, it would never end. It would be a constant struggle until my death. Did I really want to live this way?

But it was hard to let go. If I let go, wouldn’t the adversity overtake me? Wouldn’t I be destroyed? How could I so easily remove the ordeal from my mind? Was it possible to move on and not feel the pain?

I lay in my living room floor one day drenching my carpet with tears. I was so overwhelmed. Burdens were heavy on my heart. I couldn’t see a way out. And on top of the tests and trials, I was alone.

So I thought…

Then I felt a familiar move inside of me. A strong presence was stirring within me. I wiped my tears away. My mourning turned to anger. Not anger against who hurt me. Not anger against God. But anger against the place I allowed myself to get to…to dwell in. I am a child of the only living God, Jesus Christ. Lying on the floor in a puddle of tears was no place for me to be. Silently I prayed to God through my tears, and exuberantly the Holy Ghost moved within me and gave me strength to rise up.

That day I let it go…

I let go of the hurt. I let go of the past. I let go of my inhibitions. I was too tired to fight on my own any longer. I had to trust in God to see me through. I was literally on the floor. There was no place else to go but up. The Spirit of God lifted me. I proclaimed with my mouth that I was finished worrying about what I couldn’t change.

I gave God my burdens so I could live my life in peace.

I know that God has plans for me. He has plans to prosper me. When I wake up each morning there’s peace in knowing that no trial will destroy me. When I look back at obstacles that I overcame, I know that I am strong. Sometimes I giggle in the face of adversity, because I know now that it won’t last. Once I have gleaned the knowledge and experience the test brings, God will remove it from me.

And in the process of time I will not lower myself back down to the floor.


Miss Love In Waiting


2 thoughts on “My Place Is Not On The Floor

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