Nearing the End of My Single Life

I needed to post this update to the blog. This is good news ladies!  

When I posted the first blog to “Love in Waiting”, I was single. I had been for a very long time. Now after only a few months of writing, I found myself changing my facebook status to “in a relationship”. Isn’t life funny? (Smile)

I gave my life to the Lord at the age of 17, and from that time on I desired to one day be a wife and mother. Finding a date was always easy, but finding a mate proved to be more complicated for me. I prayed for someone who was Spirit filled and held the same convictions that I hold dear. That was SEVENTEEN years ago. Whoa! Talk about your slow and steady, huh? Anyways, in the process of time I met many young men. I shared the same faith in God with most, but then there were often other issues… 

  • Little in common
  • Lived across the country
  • Didn’t want to work
  • Didn’t want children
  • Only wanted to be friends
  • They were judgmental
  • Their elevator didn’t go to the top the floor
  • And so on…

Over the seventeen years I never gave up. But, it’s only because of God’s love and grace that I learned to be content as a single Christian woman. And trust me, that didn’t happen in year one! The temptation was great to rush and settle for just whoever I thought I could get along with reasonably well… all for the sake of not being alone. Discontentment can lead one to rush, push, and plow their way forward into bad choices. As lonely and sad as I was sometimes being single, I was even more afraid of rushing, pushing, and plowing ahead into a miserable and possibly abusive relationship.

Having a content heart is GOOD. It’s a peaceful, calm, and tranquil place. God, help me to always dwell there.

My contentment came from learning more about God’s power and authority. Why couldn’t this God, who came to the earth in flesh and bore more pain and rejection than any human could imagine, understand my pain? And He, having laid down His life and possessing the power to take it up again, could not answer MY small prayer? Year one, I knew that He could. Year five, I knew that He could and prayed desperately that He would. Year ten, I knew that even if He didn’t, He was still able. Year sixteen, I knew that He would. Year seventeen, God did it.

Taking it slow and running this single’s race with wisdom and patience is leading me to the winning circle of love. The explosive abundance of love, happiness, and joy that I feel in this courtship has completely erased all the pain of yesteryears. I look into the eyes of this man that God has brought into my life and can confidently say that I would wait all over again. His care, compassion, gentleness, strength, knowledge, and passion to serve God are like nothing I have ever seen. If I were running too quickly, I would have missed him. If I were trying to keep up with some of my friends, yes I’d be married (probably twice by now). And yes, I would have children. But I can look forward to having children with one man…this noble and honorable man. I didn’t even realize noble men still existed today. (Smile)

So, now that I am on this road called courtship. Slow and steady is still my pace of choice.

My story is to be continued….

God bless you and thanks so much to all who has shared my blog with others!

Miss LoveInWaiting


8 thoughts on “Nearing the End of My Single Life

  1. WOW, this is super amazing 🙂
    thanks for posting this!!!
    I just randomly ran across your blog, and this post came to my attention.

    It’s great to hear that there are still wonderful patient people out there, who are waiting on the Lord 🙂

  2. I really wanted to take a moment to share such a beautiful blog/story. It lifts and encourages women like myself in similar situations. At the end true love is always worth the wait.

    As you go into this new chapter you would enjoy this message by Andy Stanley Love, Sex and Dating for Christians. Wonderful wondeful message. Here’s the link.

     Love, Sex & #Dating Sermon message by Pastor Andy Stanley! 

  3. I think this is beautiful and so encouraging to us who are still in a resting, trusting position with God! I believe that what God has given us is already given and done… it just takes faith and belief and trust to get to those places! I pray that God gives you beauty for all of your ashes and one thing Bishop Merritt spoke is that the longer Sarah waited for Issac, the more beautiful she became! I know you are so beautiful inside!! Can’t wait to hear more!

    Encouraged to trust even the more because God is faithful the same God and not a respecter or persons!


    Jenifer iRoc Jesus

    1. God bless you Jennifer! Thank you for such kind words and inspiration for everyone that is single and waiting. You are so right when you say that God’s blessings are already done! Love it! I thank God for allowing our paths to cross. God bless you.

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