Love, Honor, and Romance

Friends with benefits, pre-nuptial agreements, baby’s momma drama times four or more, gold diggers, swingers, and such the like are norms in our society. Where is the love, the honor, the romance?

All of the destructive type relationships named above has been around throughout the ages, but they seem more acceptable today. Many believe that true romance is played out. Chivalry is dead and it’s every man or woman for themselves.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am; don’t text me…I’ll text you.

Last night, I witnessed a truly romantic gesture. I was on a romantic date at a beautiful, elegant restaurant. He and I were talking about hopes for our future and the goodness of God, when I heard music. A few tables down, a young man no older than twenty-one, pulled out his acoustic guitar and was serenading his lady right there at the table!

Her eyes were sparkling like stars and the melody of his guitar was sweet.

He didn’t care about the rest of us in the restaurant. He didn’t care about looking cool in front of his friends. He put his all on the line…for her.  I had once given up hope that this kind of love existed. But there it was before me, at their table…and mine.

Sometimes I wonder if men and women open their hearts to just any old thing because they feel like that’s the only kind of love they can get. Is it really better to compromise love, honor, and romance just so we won’t be alone? I would be worried that my knight in shining armor would gallop on by while I was bent over trying to polish up a dull armored knight. That soul mate could come at any time. You remember him don’t you? The one you day dreamed about when you were just a girl.

He’d pick you up for dinner. I mean actually get out of the car to receive you, not just blow the horn. He’d compliment something you were wearing and open doors for you…at least on the first date. (Smile) He’d ask about your day, seek your input on what to listen to on the radio, ask if you were warm enough or cool enough. He was strong, almost heroic. Date after date, he’d be spontaneous, trying everything to make you laugh. And from time to time, surprise you with flowers, chocolate, or your favorite songs on CD. Then before he’d propose to make you his wife, he’d have a plan in place. This plan would guide your futures together as one and fulfill his dreams and your dreams.  Remember him?

Now somebody is out there reading this now, saying the guy mentioned in the above paragraph only wants ONE THING. Well, some guys will try to play a woman. But the guy mentioned in the above paragraph would never do anything to harm his lady.

Don’t give up on him. He may be taking awhile to get to you, but he’s coming. He may not be from your neighborhood. He may not be from your country. So don’t think you got it all figured out. God is in control. My wait has seemed long, but it doesn’t mean yours has to be.

If you’ve found your knight in shining armor, your true romance, then encourage somebody else. Let them know that true love is real. Tell them to receive and be lead by the Spirit of God, and trust that He answers prayers.

Take a stand for love, honor, and romance. Don’t settle for less.


Miss Love in Waiting


8 thoughts on “Love, Honor, and Romance

  1. The good guys are out there. I dreamed of having a man with good character who would make a good father and husband. I was lucky enough to find him. He’s not perfect (neither am I) but he cares for me when I’m sick, he is the best father anyone could ask for and he’s an awesome cook! Most importantly, we forgive each other when we’re human.
    Lori Lowe

  2. Nice post! I married one of the good guys almost 30 years ago and have since had the blessing of raising two young men who seek to be Godly in their relationships. They have occasionally commented that most young women don’t want that kind of relationship and “nice guys finish last.” I am gratified to know you are still out there. God knows our needs, it’s just hard to wait sometimes.

    1. Yes, there are many true Christian singles out there. May God strengthen as singles strive to find one another. Thanks so much for reading! I have a feeling sharing your story will help many others. God bless!

  3. oh how sweet 🙂
    I get excited when I hear about this pure, true love. I’m not a romantic fanatic, but as a seventeen year old young lady, it’s part of my God-given self, that I find this attractive. When a man cares not about the surroundings, only for his lady; unashamed to prove his love to her.

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