It’s My Birthday and I’ll Laugh if I Want To!

Way back in 1975 on a cold January afternoon, my mother gave birth to me, Miss Love in Waiting. With this being 2010, it’s quite easy to calculate my age….thirty-five. Yes, I am thirty-five and single. Okay, why did I hear some of you gasp!? (Smile)

In 2005 when I turned thirty, I thought I would cry, but I didn’t. At thirty-one, I thought surely the tears would flow, but nope…nothing. Now that thirty-five years of my life have come and gone, I’ve settled in my heart that there is nothing to cry about. I don’t know why society puts so much emotion into a number. I tried to fall in line with the accepted response of a woman growing older, but I’m just not feeling it.

The Bible says that there is a time to mourn. It is logical to cry when there is death, hunger, tragedy, or broken relationships. However, I don’t believe that birthdays rank on the “reasons to mourn” list. I have an option to cry or laugh….I choose laughter!

Sometimes we just need to get over our vanity and insecurities and celebrate the life God has given.

January 16th marks my thirty-fifth birthday. I have no children of my own, yet I’m blessed to work in youth ministry. I have never been married, yet I have priceless friendships that will last a lifetime. I’m not a millionaire, yet have a secure job during a time of economic crisis. My legs can’t run as fast as they did when I was seventeen, but today I can run much farther. At thirty-five I am ancient to some and only a baby to others.  I’m growing closer to the dreaded “middle-ages”, but because of Jesus Christ I have eternal life.

I choose to rejoice for my blessings.

This is the start of a new year and another birthday is coming for many of us. I say “many” instead of “all” because some won’t live to see their birthday this year.

Don’t waste time weeping over age and years that have passed. No offense to you beautiful young women in your teens and twenties, but I would never want to do those years over again! I was vulnerable, shy, backwards, and naïve. With little experience with life and relationships, I had to learn some things the hard way…on occasion the excruciating painful way. Therefore, I’m glad to kiss those growing pains good-bye! Bring on some new ones. They will be handled better.

As my life progresses, it is getting sweeter. Courtship is sweeter too! I have met a wonderful man and maturity has helped prosper our relationship. There is an appreciation in me for every detail about him and our relationship. Our connection is not superficial, but loving and spiritual. I take no moment with him for granted, so each day spent with him feels like years. There is substance, knowledge, wisdom, and sincerity between us. Life with him and in Jesus Christ is good.

So, yep I can handle being thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven….

It’s my birthday ya’ll! I’ll laugh if I want to. Hee-Hee!


3 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Laugh if I Want To!

  1. Wow…
    You sound so secure & content – that’s a very good sign!

    Marriage is not something to be rushed into, I too would want & need to enjoy my marriage not dread it and wish I was single.

    Enjoy whatever stage you’re at, it makes the next stage more fulfilling!


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