Saving All My Love

It’s not easy but it’s worth it. Saving oneself for marriage that is.

My blog differs from other singles blogs in that I believe whole heartedly in the Biblical ideal of marriage. Having sex outside of marriage is not God’s plan for a man and a woman. God said that marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled. Now from this point on I’ve probably lost a lot of readers, but I have to be real with what I believe.

I’ve heard my fair share of reasons for sex outside of marriage. “We’re just so in love”, says one. “We’re going to get married anyway”, says another. “As long as we are only committed to having sex with each other, we’re not hurting anyone else”, says many more. These are all seemingly intelligent, logical, and heartfelt explanations.

But allow me to offer reasons to wait. There are hundreds. Here are just a few…

  1. It is the will of God. Many Christians hang their faith outside the bedroom door. It can be easy to do. You love this person. They love you. The chemistry and attraction is there. The mood is romantic and all of a sudden Ephesians 5:3 can not be recalled to memory. Sex is a natural way to express love. It is the way God designed it. However, Christian women and men should remember that He designed these feelings to be shared between husband and wife. This is not a hidden mystery.
  2. A crowded bed is uncomfortable. When sex becomes casual and a normal part of dating, monogamy is thrown out the window. This means two parties are not only sleeping with each other, but everyone else they’ve slept with, and everyone their exes slept with, and so on. Makes the king size bed feel like a hammock, doesn’t it?
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases don’t discriminate. Enough said.
  4. “Well, Susie used to do it this way.” Ugh! Good grief! Do we really want to compare or be compared to ex sexual partners? Talk about taking the passion and romance out of what is supposed to be an intimate and precious act.
  5. I did this for you. Now how excited will your husband be to know that you saved yourself just for him. Before you knew him, you believed that he was out there somewhere. You knew he’d be worth the wait. He would completely commit to you by placing his ring on your hand. He would love more than just your body, but passionately love your soul and spirit. This man will honor and respect your relationship with God. He would cherish your thoughts and the very essence of who God created you to be. Don’t you know this man is out there? I knew mine was. Couldn’t you, wouldn’t you, desire in your heart to save yourself for this man?

And before you say, “It’s too late for me to save myself”, God has restoration power.

He offers the power to regenerate your soul and heal you from all the wounds that fornication leaves behind. Please do not be deceived. Sex outside of marriage will wound you. But after regeneration, God gives the opportunity to start again and not make the same mistakes of yesterday.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Firsts are supposed to be special. Everything from our first day of school to our first car, are memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Waiting until the wedding night to make love to the man of your dreams will be a memory that will never be forgotten. Waiting through the time of courtship will increase the intimacy and allow couples to know each other on otherwise overlooked dimensions. And above all things, God will honor the union that He has put together. Concerns of did I make a mistake, will he call tomorrow, will he still respect me, what if my coworkers find out, do I know enough about his sexually history….are gone. Honor your body. Let him be your first, your only, and prayerfully your last.

Ye are not your own.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost (which is) in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.


God bless you in your saving and waiting,

Miss Love in Waiting


21 thoughts on “Saving All My Love

  1. Wonderful wonderful message and very encouraging. You are not in the boat alone. I’m saving myself for marriage as well. Continue honoring God with your body. It will definitely be worth it in the end. God bless.

    1. I appreciate you for taking the time to read! That means a lot to a newbie blogger! 🙂 I didn’t expect all to agree, but I’m really thankful for new media and the opportunity to express the issues of my heart.

  2. God bless you!

    Been looking for a blog like yours for ages!!! Thank God for twitter RT’s lol

    Sooo true, anyone want to know what happens when you get impatient and allow emotions to choose your partner, have a read of my ‘The Final Chapter’ series about a relationship I was in and the feelings and issues I had to deal with during that time…

    Be encouraged!

    Catch me on twitter too: @golden_elle

    Thanks again,

    I’ll be reading, I’m a fan! x

    1. God bless you! I’m so glad you found me! Lol

      I appreciate every comment! As you already know, it keeps a new blogger greatly encouraged. I’ll be sure to follow you on Twitter and I’m excited to check out your blog. I’m sure I’ll be tweeting about it. 🙂

      Take care!

  3. Great list! I could not agree more. Saving yourself for marriage is all about choices and the best time to decide you will not have sex before marriage is before you even get into a relationship. Set boundaries, communicate them and pray and ask God to help you keep them.

    As Christians, the first choice we must make is to choose to obey God not just because we don’t want to suffer the consequences, but choose to obey out of love.

    1. Amen! Boundaries and a firm resolve is very important. I’m so encouraged by other women like yourself who are confident and secure in Christ Jesus. I love your web site! It’s awesome! God bless and thank you so much for reading!

      Your sister in Christ,

  4. Hi, came across your blog from the dashboard, and i strongly agree with your viewpoints. especially point no.5! sex has become too casual nowadays, and am i glad i saved something very precious for my one and only 🙂

  5. I absolutely love this it just gave me the strength i needed to keep pressing on and believing i know my man is out there somewhere so i will wait on him as i continue to draw closer to my father. Thanks for the advice and wonderful descriptions be blessed. 😀

  6. Hey, I was wondering… My boyfriend and I were having sex. We are now working on celibacy. What are the chances that he will feel as though it is our first time on our wedding night if we’ve already had sex? If we marry each other it won’t be for years from now. I know that God can restore, but I doubt that the feeling will be the same. I want so badly to wait for my husband and sometimes I feel like I should break up with my bf so that I can meet someone else I might marry in order to have that first time wedding night experience. What do you think?

    1. It is very understandable why you desire to have a “first time wedding night experience”. It is indeed very special. Yet even more special is honoring God with our body and soul. So I commend you and your boyfriend for desiring to please God and abstain until marriage. I have found that when I put God first, He makes all things special for me. So I encourage you to make that your greatest priority. Do what pleases God and walk in the Spirit of God. Everything else will fall into all the right places. Do not worry about the things of tomorrow. God knows how to make His children happy. (Matthew 6:33) Thank you so much for reading and God bless you!

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