What He Needs

Understanding the needs of a prospective boyfriend or husband is something that we as single women should desire to do. We look forward to the day we meet the man of our dreams, but we must realize that it’s not just about us and what we want.

Are we really ready to fulfill the role of girlfriend and wife?

We must seek to understand  his needs and be willing to commit accordingly.

This article written by Jack Zavada gives an open and honest perspective of what the man in your life may need. Check it out!


God bless,

Miss Love in Waiting

8 thoughts on “What He Needs

  1. Read the article “An Open Letter to Christian Women” and once again I’m reminded of why I’m Never Going To Get Married! 🙂 Immaturity is not easy to deal with –you need the patience of Job …or Candra. You’re going to make a GREAT wife!

    1. You are too funny! Thanks for the comment! I’ll be calling you soon…for an exclusive interview. I’d love to hear more! 🙂 God bless you sis and thank you for your constant support. It means so much to me.

  2. WHOA, this is super awesome. I recently read the book “For Young Women Only” and never understood that guys wanted respect more than anything else.
    I will definitely treat all my guy friends and most importantly my father and boyfriend with respect, and be more aware of my actions, checking to see if I am disrespecting them in any way.

  3. I think a relationship should be equal…….not a set of rules for her and a set of rules for him! It definitely doesn’t work like that! A personal relationship with the Lord first (meaning letting him have his way in your total life, Understanding, Compromise, and most importantly, Respect for each other! That’s is the key! You don’t ever have to settle for less! It’s not all about you or him if you want the relationship to work. It’s about living the life that God has prepared for you. You spend days, months, years trying to figure someone out only to find that that’s just the way they are! Love um or Leave um! If God is in your life, you’re going to pray for that other person that is out of the will of God or that is struggling with with being right and/or doing the right thing! Only he (God) can do the changing if he so wills! Reading books, magazines, seminars, etc. are on preparatory measures and someone else’s enterpetation of how a good wife or husband should be! Everyones’ situations are different and require different prescriptions for healing! Remember, only God, you and your mate have the inside on what’s happening in a relationship. I’m not saying not to read magazines or inspirational material to get inspired in your relationship……I’m only saying, “First, believe in the Father who sits high and looks low! “He never leaves or forsakes us……..it’s just some people that he looks at, grabs them by the hand and says, “Wow what a ride this is going to be!” “Before you were, I am!!!!!! The important thing is to have the Lord in your life and keep a direct connection with Him and let him lead the way! “He is a man that does not lie!”

  4. When we were courting, my husband and I discussed the Love Languages and did the “Getting Ready for Marriage Workbook” and read “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married” by Gary Chapman. I highly recommend these!

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