All I Need to Know

There is nothing in all creation like the love of God. My alarm went off this morning, and before I fully opened my eyes, they flooded with tears. In an instant I felt overwhelmed by all of my problems at the same time. That doesn’t happen to me very often, but when it does, it’s equivalent to trying to carry an elephant on my back. I can’t move. I can’t breathe. I can’t focus. There’s just enough strength to form my lips to say, “Jesus, help me.”

The struggles and trials of a single woman aren’t always “single” related. Each of us as individuals has problems that can stem from work, raising children, finances, or sickness. We tend to believe at times that if we had a spouse, things would be perfect. They can help carry the load. But, I’ve heard this is not always the case. Before or after marriage, we need Jesus. Sometimes we will have needs that our spouses won’t understand. As much love as two married people have for each other, they won’t be together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They won’t share every struggle.

God decrees his love to travel deep into the soul, touch the deepest part of us, and lift us up. Where the love of humankind (even with the most excellent intentions) falls short, the love of God continues to advance.

“Jesus, help me.” was my weary cry this morning. I hit the snooze button, rolled over, buried my face in my pillow, and rolled over again. Then these words impressed on my heart.

“Rise up, and trust Me. I love you.”

I thought I’d feel better if I could just problem solve and figure out all the answers. Turns out all I needed to hear this morning was that Jesus loves me. Since He loves me, He’ll keep me. As the hours unfold for the day, He will guide my every step. He will preserve me. The week will be trying, but it won’t destroy me….God loves me. Everything will be alright.

In my heart is a classic song written by the late Elder Albert Morton, Sr. from Cincinnati, Ohio. (Shared with me by gospel artist FreddieB Behanan…)

All I need to know… is that you love me Jesus.

All I need to know is that you care.

All I need to hear in the time of trouble,

Is that you were there…

Miss Love in Waiting


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