He Prays For Me

The most common question asked of single women…

“What are you looking for in a husband?”

Often, we’ll list our wants before our needs. But as I continued to seek God about my husband, my needs took precedence and eventually became one with my wants. What I wanted became what I needed and vice versa.

“What are you looking for in a husband?”

In times past when asked this question, I would begin with the outer appearance…. tall, dark skinned, dreaming eyes, slim to medium build, etc…. Then I would work my way into personality traits… great sense of humor, compassionate, faithful, etc… And last but not least, spirituality…. Holy Ghost filled, baptized believer, active in the church, passionate about winning souls, and a warrior in prayer.

Now, of course I want it all (smile), but let me change some things here. I mean a tall, sexy, dreaming eyed man who won’t pray? That relationship would last about a minute with me. Now when asked that question, I work my way backwards.

“What am I looking for in a husband?”  I start with… “a warrior in prayer”.

A man can look as fine as he wants to look, talk as smooth as he wants to talk, and have as much money as he wants to have; but life is intricate, marriage is complex, and raising children is challenging. Muscles are nice, but I need a man that can PRAY!!! (Smile)

I want a husband that knows how to do battle on his knees. The answer to any problem we could ever have is in Jesus Christ. He is the answer. When troubles arise we must seek his face. This is how we make it. This is how we press through the pain. This is how we overcome.

Give me a man that’s not afraid to trust in Jesus and call on His name. Give me a man that is humble enough to know when the load is too heavy for him to carry alone. Give me a man that is wise enough to know where our help comes from. It comes from the Lord.


He is my love, my best friend… I am attracted to him in every way… but above all else….

He prays for me.

At the end of a date, he takes my hand in his and without any formal announcement; he begins to call on the name of the Lord. When I tell him about my day, he notes every word. When opportunity is there, he prays… repeating all my concerns, casting to God all my cares; God answers his prayers and I am blessed.

Ladies, as you put together your list of “must haves” for the husband of your dreams… Put prayer at the top of your list! And I am a witness that if you put God first in all things, He will bless you with ALL your heart desires.

Yours in Christ,

Miss Love in Waiting


6 thoughts on “He Prays For Me

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  2. Wow, I never thought about this concept before. I consider myself a faithful pursuer of my love, Jesus Christ, with all the ups and downs of a God-lover’s life. I have mental lists of what I desire for a husband, and one of them is that he is willing to pursue God outside of struggle. I know what it’s like to be in a lull with Christ, and to not visit with Him; date Him, if you will. I want my husband to frequently and consistently and deeply pursue Christ’s love when trials AREN’T there.
    But a prayer warrior. I never thought of that. 🙂 I like that. I’m gonna add to my list. thanks Miss LIW 😉

    1. Wow! Pursuing Christ’s love when trials aren’t there… I love that! Your comment confirms the importance of prospective spouses having a sincere relationship with God. It’s so crucial, so necessary, to be unified in Christianity. How can two walk together except they agree? 🙂 Always a blessing to hear from you!

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