Dating After “I Do”

For some, the candlelight dinners, flowers, the surprise love notes, and middle-of-the-day phone calls just to say I love you, seem to end when the marriage begins. We accept this as the norm, but it doesn’t have to be so.

Last night I had dinner with one of my best girlfriends. She’s like the big sister I never had. It was an excellent girl’s night out. We went to the Olive Garden and talked for hours over two big bowls of pasta and never ending salad and bread steaks. (Smile) She shared with me caring advice on love and marriage.

“Never stop dating. Always be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

After four years of marriage, Saturday is still Sherry and Jimmy’s date night. Through the week life is hectic. The kids need this. The house needs that. Their careers, family, ministry….it’s never-ending…. But everything is put on hold on Saturday night. It’s their night to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s their night to flirt and be playful. It’s Sherry and Jimmy’s night to walk through the city streets holding hands discussing their love. There’s no doubt in the mind of any of our friends that their dating will end. When they’re old and gray, they will still be making googly eyes at each other; cuddling together on the front porch watching the great grandchildren play basketball in the driveway. So cute right! 

It gives me hope in true romance and in the true and living God who created it. When the wait is over… 

Be encouraged in your love and may God bless it to endure until the end.     

I celebrate the love of Sherry and Jimmy today. Love you sis!!!!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Miss Love in Waiting


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