Transitioning For the Blessing

Life is full of change. From one year to the next and often from one day to the next, you never know what transition is going to take place in your life. I usually find change to be refreshing. I love experiencing new things and connecting with new people. However, gigantic shifts in life can be overwhelming for even someone like me.

But we can’t ask God for growth, increase, and blessings without a transition.

We must expect change in the process of it all. So I am praying to be careful not to resist the changes that God is making in my life because I know it is all working for my good. There are people in my life that I have been close to for years. The love between us will never change but based on how God is blessing them and me, it means moving in opposite directions. Is it hard to let go? Yes, sometimes it is.

Receiving a blessing from the Lord may require releasing people and things we’ve held on to for years.

For example my cousin Anna is leaving for college. I’ve been attached to her since she came into this world. Her diaper was the first one I’d ever changed. We are cousins but to her I’ve always been aunt Candra. Now the years have passed, she’s eighteen years old, and preparing to move away to attend college. It’s a blessing for her. It’s a blessing for her parents and the rest of our family. It’s what we’ve prayed for. Her IQ is off the charts, so we wanted her to be accepted into a top university and receive an abundance of scholarships. And God blessed her. He answered our prayer. And now it is time for the shift. I won’t see her every week at church. I won’t hear her sweet voice in the choir. My heart breaks when I think about her being away from home, but the transition is necessary for the blessing.

That is just one of many changes, shifts, and transitions going on in my life right now. When it comes to falling in love, there are transitions that take place. Most of the time it’s exciting. Sometimes it’s strange. Sometimes it feels more like loss than increase. But we must hold on to our faith and know that God is advancing. Even when it feels like we’re losing or going through some backward spiral.

Our relation to time and space is not like God’s.

Our backwards motions and drastic shifts are often advancements in the spiritual realm. When we pray and ask God for marriage, children, a new career, ministry, spiritual deliverance, or financial breakthroughs, be prepared to be molded and shaped to fit the blessing. Let us not complain or fuss when change doesn’t feel good. Let us worship God still, because the change is working for our good.

God bless you in your waiting and transitioning,

Miss Love In Waiting

2 thoughts on “Transitioning For the Blessing

  1. I love your blog about transitioning because that is exactly what I’m going through right now in my life and it’s very uncomfortable at times. It can be a very lonely process, but it is needed for growth. My friends that I have had I’ve known for years now but I can tell that the things that we once had in common we no longer have in common anymore. The conversations often end in silence and I know that, that is a sign that it is time to move on. Although I love them very much and we grew up together I am serious about Christ now and I know that he is trying to take me to another level within him. Therefore I have to be content in every situation that I’m in like “Paul” and thank God throughout the process, which can be very challenging ouch! But like they say anything worth having is worth fighting for and we should all try to have the abundant life that God has promised us with him (John 10:10).

    1. Since this blog post my transitioning has not ended. 🙂 I suppose it ever ends. God is progressive and always moving us forward to excellence. I make myself remember that when things get uncomfortable. It is amazing that we are facing similar challenges regarding friends. As a matter of fact that was going to be the subject of a future blog. However, in my case I did not have the foresight to see that I needed to move on. I was trying to hold on to something that didn’t exist anymore. It was a brutal wake up call, but now I see that I am more blessed now. I have more peace. And, I am open to new friendships that will fit with God’s will for my life.

      Thank you very much for your sharing and stay in touch!

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