Would You Have Prayer With Me Tonight?

You’ve read the title. Do I need to say anything more? Isn’t even the thought of prayer dates fabulous?!

I wrote in a previous blog, “He Prays for Me”, how Ron frequently takes my hands and prays. I pray along with him silently and it’s always precious and powerful. Now, we have taken prayer in our relationship to another level.

We have dates just for prayer.

I enrolled in a marriage class at my church and our first lesson was on “One Flesh”. One aspect of being joined together (as one) by God includes spirituality or communion with God. It is essential to any healthy relationship. Especially when you desire the model of marriage that God created. That marriage reflects the loving relationship between Christ and the church.

Before Ron and I bow together at the altar, I have wondered… would I have this honor, this opportunity, to pray to God with a man I love so dearly if I hadn’t waited. If I rushed, allowed my flesh to rule, settled for a man with feeble standards, would I be here? As I hear Ron’s voice praising God in the background of my thoughts, I know the answer is always no.

We pray together. We watch God answer our prayers. We pray together. We watch God answer our prayers. It strengthens our faith in God and in each other.

Date night has taken on a whole new meaning. Prayer dates are incredible. And with every one, our relationship is deepened. I recommend them to every couple. I recommend to every single woman to initiate prayer dates when you meet that someone special. The one God has designed just for you. That man is so worth the wait. (Smile)

There will be plenty of nights for fun, romance, and adventure and so on. So please take a portion of your time to pray, wait, and make the relationship about you, him, and God.

Your sister in Christ,

Miss Love In Waiting

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3 thoughts on “Would You Have Prayer With Me Tonight?

  1. Praise the Lord sis! It’s so good to have a strong christian man by your side. When you can always pray together and pray for each other, that’s makes the relationship even more special! I pray that God will continue to bless you and Ron.

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