Wait and Yield

Learning how to wait and yield to God has not always been easy for me.

I first desired to be married and have a family in my early twenties. That seems to be about the norm of when most couples meet, fall in love, and marry. However, for me, I will be wed at the tender age of thirty-six.

Men of all kinds came and went, but the right man of God was delayed. I wasn’t sure why and I wasn’t always happy about it. So I can certainly relate to the pains of loneliness, rejection, feeling like an outsider, and so on.

But I took the following advice and I have never been happier. When I look back on how I could have done things differently, there is no way I could have ever been as happy as I am right now. If I had done things my own way I would have been married praying to be single, instead of being single praying to be married.


Wait and Yield.

Wait – to be postponed or delayed

Yield – to give up, to a superior power

The advice we would rather receive is just do it.  You take control.  Do what feels right.  But how many times have we made our lives more complicated by this kind of action?  In waiting and yielding to God, I found that the joys of life come with no sorrow.

When I wait and yield to Him, I don’t have to pay a price for pleasure. There is no consequence when God gives the blessing; in contrast to me going out and doing whatever I think is right.

I am fallible. I have picked up the television remote to make a phone call. Should I put all my trust in myself to find the man I will be married to until death? No thanks.

I realize that there are those who would rather be in a mundane or painful relationship than to wait for the right man, God’s man.

After all, who wants to be a single parent? Who wants to face the challenges of growing older alone?  Who wants to face a struggling economy alone?  And what about that biological clock that seems to be running so fast that it is leaving your dream of parenthood in the dust?

This is where you really have to open your heart and believe…

Wait and Yield.

There are other directions we could take.  We could have a pity party.  We could go into a relationship just to say that we have someone.   We could become bitter and complain to whoever will listen.

But not yielding to God’s will, will multiply our discontentment.

After a decade plus of waiting, I am engaged to be married now, but before I met my fiance,  I found relief in waiting on God. I found comfort in yielding myself to the One who created the heavens and the earth. Surely He could take care of me.

The temptation was great to jump into a relationship just for the sake of being a girlfriend or wife. But I knew that if I waited and held on strong to His promises, He would send me the best.  So I made a decision to be grateful and enjoy my life.

I made a decision to enjoy the liberties that come with being single. I developed deeper relationships with my family, friends, God, and myself. I discovered gifts and talents I never knew were inside of. I set personal goals that would help me find success in life and marriage.

I kept company with people who made me laugh until I cried and sought new adventures that would challenge my courage.

 Suddenly being single wasn’t so bad.


Please believe my report….

I am engaged. That in itself is a huge blessing. This is what I have been waiting for.

But because we waited, we are experiencing a level of joy and happiness that we never expected.  We are being blessed with more than we ever prayed for.  God knew and planned carefully the details that would make us truly happy. God knew better than we did!  To Him be all the praise and glory!

This was the best advice for me, and these principles can be applied in every area of our life. Waiting on God and yielding to His divine authority pays off!


Waiting and yielding still,


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