I Was Not Alone

Thank God for true spiritual leadership in the church. I would strongly recommend single Christians to turn to our spiritual leaders for guidance and advice. Too often we try to figure things out on our own and without wise counsel that can be dangerous. God gave us ministers to edify the body of Christ. Let’s use what we got!

This week my former pastor, Bishop Carl Behanan, is celebrating twenty years of ministry at Grace Temple Apostolic Faith church in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I married, I transitioned to my husband’s church but I will never forget all the years of teaching, prayers, and support that came from Pastor Behanan. He’s always been a great help for singles in the church and boy did I need his words of encouragement and wisdom over the years.

During those times when I felt like no one understood or cared about my plight, Pastor Behanan would prove those feelings wrong. He believed with me that God would bless me to be married.

Take advantage of a leader’s years of experience. My pastor counseled with a lot of singles before he counseled me. Over the years he witnessed God moving on behalf of single men and women. He saw firsthand how prayer and faith brought forth miracles in their lives. He shared these testimonies with me and they helped me believe that God would not forget about me.

Our spiritual leaders can guide us with God’s Word and keep us on track of His perfect will for us. When our own lusts tries to gain control, the ministers of God can pray and restore us. We need wisdom in every aspect of our lives and even more so when choosing a husband or wife.

Dating and marriage is very serious and should be handled carefully. If we go fully on our own, deny wise counsel, and choose the wrong mate, we’ll likely end up needing counseling anyway.

 It’s good to be purposeful and spiritually equipped before marriage.

So don’t feel like you’re alone in this single walk. First, remember that you are walking with God. Second, as a Christian, you are part of a large body of believers full of spiritual gifts that can strengthen you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when the single life gets tough. Don’t be ashamed to share your longing for a companion. By the power of God a good leader is able to speak words of life that will strengthen your joy and contentment.

Thank you Bishop Behanan, for speaking life, imparting God’s Word, and keeping me in your prayers.

I was never alone.  


My pastor and my groom. I praise God for both of them.

Walking in grace,

C.L. Evans


5 thoughts on “I Was Not Alone

  1. I really apriciate your write up.infact these are the words of encouragement i really need now as a single lady who wants to serve God in purity of body and soul.attimes am alwayz faced with challenges in relationship but i hold on to God to bring my own man(husband). With whom we will move higher in this journey of faith.thank u once again and i beg u who have crossed to the marriage side to please pray for me to have my mr right soon.

  2. Thank you, so glad I found your blog. I have been struggling with this feeling of longing to be married. I am 33 and feel like all those around me are married with kids, etc. and I am longing for it. However there is so little understanding for christian singles out there – people either believe you must be doing something wrong or else they think you should just be content in God and not worry about your singleness. I do have one of our pastor’s wives that I speak to and have been able to share my feelings with and it is wonderful being able to walk with someone like this. I have also been blessed with parents who I can trust their opinion on men I am interested in and who have a wonderful relationship with God and with one another. I do believe its important to surround yourself with people you can get advice from and be accountable to.

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