Does God Care?

From the Love and Grace blog….

Every time I have an amazing day with my husband I want to jump on every single’s blog and plead with every Christian single to WAIT ON GOD! 

I don’t care who disagrees. There are non believers disguising themselves as true believers, lying to single men and women everywhere. I’ve heard it all before and I refuse to believe them.

You don’t have to wait on God.

You’re marriage will fail anyway.

Lower your standards.

You’re getting older so find someone you can reasonably get along with and make it work.

God doesn’t care who you marry.

All that matters is that they make enough money.

You have a questionable past so just take who you can get.

It’s better to have someone, no matter what the cost, than to be single.

God doesn’t care about unequally yoked marriages.

True love only happens in the movies.

Lies… Lies… Lies…

God Cares.

He cares about the desires of your heart and soul. The person you marry will have great influence on your walk with the Lord. I would say that’s important to God. God designed love and marriage. Why would He not want to be included in your love life. And since God designed it, can He not make it all that you ever dreamed of? Can God not exceed your expectations? He loves you and wants nothing to harm you in any way, shape, or form… including a bad marriage.

God does not want you to bear heart breaks and betrayals.  None of us are immune but some hurt can be avoided. We don’t always know what is best for us. We can’t see the details of our destiny. God has the keys to our happiness. Let Him open the door to the right husband or wife that will walk in agreement with your purpose. And you will walk in agreement with theirs.

God can. God can see the details. He knows where the relationship pitfalls are and how you can avoid them. He can give you the best love affair of your life. He makes marriage liberating and gratifying. It takes the right two people coming together and connecting within Jesus Christ to make this possible.

Marriage is hard enough without canceling God out of the equation. God knows how to make disagreements graceful. God can give your mate the right words to say that will comfort your soul and make you fall deeper in love. You can pray your need to God and He will guide your mate is supplying that need. Yes, it’s true. God can lead you together in prayer to resolve problems that break up marriages every day.

I know God can do it. He’s proven His mighty works over and over again.

And until the time of your marriage, God cares about your needs while you’re single. Go to Him for everything. Trust in Him for everything. And while single, God can lead you to a whole and healthy life.

God can and He cares for you. Look to God for your mate.

C.L. Evans

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9 thoughts on “Does God Care?

  1. TRUTH. I waited for my husband..and trusted God completely when he brought us together. He has turned out to be my PERFECT partner..because God does truly care. I agree 100 percent!!! Thanks for spreading this truth and God bless xo

  2. I totally agree with you! This post was very inspirational. I have heard so many stories in which God has provided people with the perfect spouses because they waited in him and did not let anyone change their mind. I am waiting and praying that God sends me the perfect husband one day.

  3. I’m happy for you. Although being a single woman at 36 yrs, and never had a date or boyfriend at that let alone being proposed to….Well!

    Of course I know God can do anything and will bring along my future spouse someday. However I strongly wonder if I will receive it with “all joy” when it happens. I am sort of loosing the interest in it all now having waited this long. It would have been nice to settle down at a nice and decent age not at a time when the wedding guests would be exclaiming “finally” or “at long last” in their minds.

    Having been through one heartbreak or another too doesn’t particularly help. But good on you for finding Mr Right. I only wish God would also cast me a glance too lol.

    Tired and hurting so bad you can’t even begin to imagine!.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really know how you feel. I would love so much to tell you that God will send your husband today. But God may have a different plan. One thing is for sure, though. God’s plan is always better. I wanted to be married at age 24 or 25…not 36. But that wasn’t God’s plan for me. Howevery, until my wedding day, God did plan for me to be blessed and prosper in Him. He did plan for me to have a deeper relationship with Him.

      After sooooo many years of hurting and disappointments, I got tired. My husband was no where to be found, but I didn’t want to hurt anymore. And God wanted me to be grateful for what He had done for me. I was single. That wasn’t a death sentance, just my relationship status. 🙂 It wasn’t the end of the world. In fact, it was the beginning. I traveled with God. I ate with God. I made as many friends as I could (even though I’m shy). I tried different things until I found something I could be passionate about and then I jumped into the deep end of it.

      I can’t promise you will find your husband today, but I’m confident you can find joy and healing in Jesus.

      Thanks again for your comment. Are you on Facebook? You can find me at
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      God bless you!

  4. I have to comment… i am 47 years old and am single. I have been married before with relationships resulted in abuse, divorce and many other issues that go along with these pains.

    i love that your blog emphasizes waiting. i think that there is a difference between simply waiting and actrually longing for Gods will.

    waiting requires listening, long suffering and watching and discerning.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am currently working on a new podcast regarding waiting on God. It’s just a few thoughts on what is involved when waiting on God. I hope to have it published this week.

      I agree that waiting on God requires much action.

      Many blessings to you!

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