A Visit With The Single Me

After approximately 5,475 days of living single, this week marked 200 days of marriage for me and Ron.  Two hundred days is merely a drop in the bucket when compared to fifteen years plus of being single. Yet, I have learned so much. So many things that I could once only imagine are now a part of my reality.

This morning I was thinking, I wish I could go back. I wish I could go back even ten years and speak to the Candra of the past. There are so many things I would share with her. I see her sitting in her apartment alone and wondering when God would send love her way. She questioned God’s will and almost lost her faith. She nearly gave up on hope. Thoughts of backsliding from God’s will and living an unequally yoked life with an unbelieving man haunted her. She found little security or comfort in who she was because she grasped for less than perfect love…which is not love at all.

If only she lived an awesome single life for all of those 5,475 days. I would tell her to ……. (Read the complete post here at Love and Grace Media)

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