Fruitful Forgiveness

The lesson of forgiveness keeps ringing in my ears. Everywhere I go, it seems to be the topic of the hour.

Sometimes we are not aware of fragments of unforgiveness that resonate in our hearts. It lies dormant when all is well or we become too preoccupied with other things. Then suddenly the sound of someone’s name triggers tremors in our soul. Unsure of the stirring in our hearts, we question. What is this weight I feel? I thought I moved on from that?

My method of forgiving someone used to equate to offering a kind smile and a promise to never bring up the offense again. However, just because I never spoke of the offense didn’t mean that I was healed from it. Sweeping the offense under the rug was fruitless. Ignoring the particulars of the event only postponed my breakthrough. My blood would boil over and over again. Until I could fully come to terms with it, a part of me would remain stuck in the past and unable to progress forward. I learned that I could not forgive unless I do it God’s way. Determined to not carry forward bitterness and anxiety, I asked God to help me.

It is likely that if you are visiting this blog for Christian singles, you are unmarried. It is less likely, however, that you have not been in some type of relationship before. Conceivably you were married before, or came close to it. The relationship ended and perhaps all the reasons why still boils your blood. Yes, we profess to be saved and Holy Ghost filled but the cut of being hurt by someone we love takes more than a night to heal.


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