The Single Life: 5 Reasons Why Being Single is a Blessing

The Single Life: 5 Reasons Why Being Single is a Blessing

Here are five reasons why living the single life is a blessing.  There are many more, but lets start here. 

blessed single life1.  “You have the gift of time.”

In the beginning of my single life I thought I had too much time.  After all, what was time without a man to spend it with?  That attitude caused me to waste time. I wallowed in pity because I was not married in my twenties like I planned.  Yet when God opened my heart to a world outside the realm of marriage, time became my friend.  My days were filled with traveling, meeting new people, pursuing my passions, and helping others.  When you are living the single life you have time and occasion to do what pleases God and figure out what else in life makes you happy. Marriage requires that you share the few hours in a day with another. So take the gift of time and use it wisely.  

2.  “It does not define your worth.”

Being a Christian single defines your relationship status, not your worth.  It simply says that you are not currently married.  We tend to take the status of being single much deeper than it needs to go.  It does not say to the world that you are less, incomplete, lacking, or beneath.  A Holy Spirit-filled believer is of the royal priesthood, above, the head, favored, blessed in the city, and blessed in the field. Your relationship status does not change that. 

3. “We learn how to wait.”

Have you ever met someone who always got whatever they wanted when they wanted it?  In general we classify them as spoiled.  At some point in history someone attached “rotten” to that label.  There was a reason for it.  If we always get what we want when we want, how can we ever learn gratefulness?  Waiting builds strong character in a person.  The art of patience, long-suffering, endurance, and faith is then mastered and applied to other areas of life.  I have seen spoiled adults cry, scream, throw fits and give up because things did not go their way.  And yes, I said adults.  They are miserable and have no peace.  Who can live like that?  Praise God for learning how to wait and walk in the peace of God.

4. “God has plans for you.”

If you are an unmarried man or woman and walking in God’s plan, you are being set up for abundant blessings.  May I quote Jeremiah 29:11 here?  “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Whether you have never been married or find yourself single again, it is part of God’s plan.  It is an aspect of the plan that will add even greater blessings to your single life.

5. “You get to prepare before marriage.”

When I was in high school, there was nothing much worse than a surprise test.  Some students refuse to take the time to be ready.  They feel somewhat confident at first.  Maybe they get through the first question okay, but then grumbling and beads of sweat manifest.  The peril of unpreparedness sets in when they arrive at a problem they cannot work out.  They do not remember reading this chapter of the book.  They skip this problem and find the next five are worse.  It is all downhill from here as the student rolls down into failure.  The single life means that you have opportunity to prepare for marriage before marriage.  Many couples rush into marriage just for the sake of money, sex, or not being lonely anymore.  However, God gives us a chance to prepare for marriage issues that will arise.  What does it really mean to be married?  Am I truly ready? Study now and reap the benefits of your preparedness later.

The single life can be a blessed life. Success is in your hands.  Enjoy. 

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8 thoughts on “The Single Life: 5 Reasons Why Being Single is a Blessing

  1. Yes, I agree there are many blessings to being single that are easily overlooked. Part of our human nature naturally gravitates towards the areas of discontent in life. Therefore, proactively practicing gratitude by counting our blessings each day is extremely helpful. Also, it’s wonderful that authentic Christian dating sites are becoming available to expand one’s circle of people to date.

  2. I like this post. I would agree that there are benefits or blessings that come with being single. Being single is something that God has ministered to me. What he spoke to me changed my mindset about being single. I encourage you to read this blog that I wrote about being single…go to and read the blog titled Living a life of singleness.thanks for posting and may God continue to bless you.

  3. Thanks Candra, brotherly/sisterly support is important in those type of times.. I’ve been single for over 5 years and I do miss relationships, but I don’t you know… I treasure my alone time and can’t even imagine giving that up for someone else. I guess that’s how I’ll know if the person is right, they will be worth sacrificing my time of peace and no issues lol.

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