The Single Life: 5 Reasons Why Being Single is a Blessing

1.  “You have the gift of time.”

In the beginning of my single life I thought I had too much time.  After all, what was time without a man to spend it with?  That attitude caused me to waste time wallowing in pity because I was not married in my early twenties as I had planned.  Yet when God opened my heart to a world outside the realm of marriage, time became my friend.  My days were full of travel, meeting new people, pursuing my passions, and helping others.  When you are single you have time and occasion to do what pleases God and blesses your soul.  Do not take it for granted.

2.  “It does not define your worth.”

Being a Christian single defines your relationship status.  It says to the world that you are a Christian who is not currently married.  We tend to take the status of being single much deeper than it needs to go.  It does not say to the world that you are less, incomplete, lacking, or beneath.  Because of God’s love, a Holy Spirit filled believer in Christ is of the royal priesthood, above, the head, favored, blessed in the city, and blessed in the field. 

Read more at Love and Grace Media for Christian Singles.


All my love,


Love and Grace book of the week…Revelations of a Single Woman: Loving the Life I Didn’t Expect by Connally Gilliam


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