Waiting for Motherhood

There are some holidays that are difficult to bear when one is single. For those of us without children, Mother’s Day can be pretty tough as well.

For many years I sat in the church pew on those “Mother’s Day” Sunday mornings…a little sad and somewhat ashamed that at my age, I still did not have any children.  Every year they ask all the mothers to stand and give them beautiful flowers.  Humbly, I remained in my seat with the young girls and the men. There was another one or two like me, but I don’t know if they found this moment as uncomfortable as I did.

It is rare these days to find women in their thirties who have not experienced the blessing of having a baby, yet there is a group of us out there who knows all too well the ticking of the biological clock.  The hands on the biological clock is moving forward and all the world is telling you that you must hurry before it is too late.

Fortunately I found a way to have faith greater than the clock and learned how to put God’s promises before the opinions of humanity.

Praise be to God that in these days science has made it possible for older women to have successful pregnancies. Women in their forties are having healthy children. And if you are like me and learning how to enjoy waiting on God anyway, there is no fear of being childless.

If you too are pushing forty, and still longing for a child, I sincerely pray that you find comfort and assurance in God this weekend and every day after. I plan to enjoy the day with my mother and women in my life who are like mothers to me and give God the praise for all He has done. In God’s perfect time all things are possible.

I remember Sarah and Isaac today, and know that nothing is too hard for God.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful single mothers in the world.  May God bless you and prosper you this Mother’s Day and forever.

Love always,




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5 thoughts on “Waiting for Motherhood

  1. This has nothing to do with your post, (I’m sorry!) But I just wanted to say that I am simply honored that you started following my blog today, and also please keep up the beautiful work on your blog as well! Your posts and insight have encouraged me SO much as a young single woman still waiting and trusting the Lord to bring the right man in His timing. I’m really very humbled and thank you again!


    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I love your blog as well. You are a true writer chick! I plan on sharing your blog. Your writing style is extremely beautiful. I feel every word! 🙂


  2. Yes! Please pass my blog along to anyone you come across–or anyone you feel may need encouragement, or that extra jump start to their day! I’m always looking for more blog “traffic” and this might be just what I need!

    Thanks again!
    In Christ

  3. Thanks for the blog on pushing forty and yearning for children. Yes, this can be so depressing for singles, both male and female. I appreciate your reference to Sara in the Bible and how God can do anything in His timing according to His purposes. I also know of many couples who can’t get pregnant and that also can create so much stress and strain, especially as their age increases. For singles, I’m thankful for Christian dating sites that are genuinely Christian to increase my chances of meeting someone who shares my values and beliefs.

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