News from The Single Status

Hey Everyone!  I know that I do not usually post this often, but there is so much going on for blessed singles such as yourselves, and I don’t want you to miss a minute of it.  So here is news about the “The Single Status”!

I have been blessed to connect with Rochelle Hanson, the creater of “Simply Natural Ideas”, a support and inspiration site for your journey to natural health.  She will soon be launching a new site for single women called “The Single Status”.

Rochelle shows single women how to “embrace their singleness so they can forget about their status and SHINE their light.”

So here is a message from Rochelle to you!


[singlepic id=30 w=150 h=150 float=left]Hey, it’s me, Rochelle.
So I’m starting a new website called
and my vision is for YOU to be a part of it.

I show single women how to embrace their singleness so they can forget about their status and SHINE their light.

Now, my original plan was to launch The Single Status on August 3rd.
BUT i need a little more time in to make this vision a reality.
Which is where you come in to play.

If you are a single woman,
and you’re doing something POSITIVE with your life,
I would like to meet you- face to face via skype.

I’m looking for single women who would like to be featured
on my new video series

 If you meet the following qualifications
then it’s time to hear from you!
1. You must be a single woman – that kind of goes without saying
2. You are doing something positive with your life
3. You’ve gotta be fairly comfortable with yourself cause
I might just ask you some JUICY questions.

The whole purpose of the show is to change the negative stigma that’s attached to being a single woman and turn it into something that’s positive.

OK Ladies! That’s all for now.
I’ll see you on August 17th at what it soon to be


Again you can reach Rochelle by leaving a comment on her post –

Stay tuned for more from Rochelle and The Single Status!



5 thoughts on “News from The Single Status

  1. Hi Candra! Thanks for introducing me to your friends. It’s really great to meet like minded people. God bless you and the love and grace blog. I’ll be around here visiting quite often!!

      1. as God did not forget noah, so shall it be to the world.
        hi covenant that he signed with abraham is renew every seconds

    1. as God did not forget Noah ,so shall it be to the world.for his covenants are always renew and it does not expire

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