If I Were Not Single

When David was a young man, he had to face a lion.  It seems unfair doesn’t it?  Why would God allow this terrible and scary event to come upon young David?  Well, God knew that one day David would have to defend his God and his nation and fight a giant named Goliath.  God was teaching David how to win.  Because he was confronted by a lion and won, he was well equipped in his faith and heart to slay a giant.

Living a Christian life is all about letting God lead the way.  He has a purpose and plan.  God knows our future and what is necessary to prepare for the victories to come.  So I wanted to share with you some great things that may not have developed in me, if I were not single.


A Blogger was Born

If I were not single, the paths that lead me to blogging would not have existed.  I was first inspired by one of my dearest friends, Rob.  If you follow my blog you know he has his own web site for singles (read on to link to Rob’s site).  I originally met Rob via the Apostolic Singles Network.  We became fast friends and I would frequent his site often.  I was introduced to the world of blogging and social media not knowing it would soon become a vital part of my ministry.

Those quiet evenings at home alone, were time spent networking with fellow singles, writers, and podcasters.  I found a team of friends who were pressing forward with their dreams regardless of their relationship status.

[singlepic id=33 w=220 h=140 float=left]Blogging for the ministry and for my joy has brought me to a place of, hmmm, how can I best describe it?  It is like stepping into a new world, looking around, and saying, “Yes! I belong here!”  I don’t know if I would have arrived into this world and found my place, if I were not single.

Through the process of pain and loneliness to healing and contentment, a blogger was born!


{When I Lay My Isaac Down: Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances (Pilgrimage Growth Guide)}


I Became an Athlete (again)

I was laser focused on being single and after awhile being single drove me to sadness.  I never liked how this felt, partly because my response to being single revealed severe weaknesses in me.  If I couldn’t handle being unmarried, how was I going to handle real trouble?  I was lacking in endurance and discipline.  My need for emotional strength drove me back to the sport of my younger days, running.

[singlepic id=34 w=250 h=170 float=left]I was depressed and it had a grave effect on my health.  I was not eating much and my energy level was at an all time low.  Then the Lord turned my heart back to running again.  I grew stronger and before I knew it I was entering 5K, 10K, and half marathon races all over the tri-state area.  Through the spring and summer of 2007 and 2008, I was running nearly every day.  Every Saturday morning was race day for me somewhere.

The physical discipline I gained in running overflowed to my spiritual life and emotional health.

If I were not single, I would not have recognized how weak I was in my faith.  Since those days I have faced greater challenges in my life and I go into them all with no fear.

If I were not single, I can’t be so sure I would have been reunited with running.  After I tossed my cap on graduation day, I never thought I would be an athlete again.  Yet here I am, 37 years old, and still hitting the pavement running every chance I get.

What does Marvin Sapp say?  “I’m stronger.  I’m wiser.  I’m better…so much better.”


Do not be laser focused on what you don’t have,

and miss the opportunities that are right under your nose.

{Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Woman}

– Candra Evans


Robbie Mac’s Saved and Singles Site


6 thoughts on “If I Were Not Single

  1. I totally agree with your perspective Candra. I too have learned and become somethings as a result of being single. Though I am younger (23) and have much life ahead because I have not dated and have decided to wait on God for a husband, the Lord is teaching me how to be satisfied in Him alone, how to be more attentive to others needs rather than my own, and teaching me my true identity.

  2. those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength .
    as a believer, there is no need to rush, but pray and wait unto the Lord for excellent result.because our God is awesome God and excellent.

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