Love and Grace Vlog Post – Thank You Subscribers and Supporters

Just wanted to post a vlog to say thank you to Love and Grace supporters, guest bloggers, and most importantly, our readers.  I love you all so much!


4 thoughts on “Love and Grace Vlog Post – Thank You Subscribers and Supporters

  1. Just wanna Thank God and give him praise because at times it seems that all churches focus the married couples and neglect the unass singles Thank so much for love and Grace. At times i feel very depressed and lonely because my love language are words of affirmation and physical touch and I’m not getting it at all then this void and emptiness starts to grow so huge but then an encouragement by this clog make me strong again. I have a 5years old son which i have raising as a single parent also not easy but God hate strength and i have alot of family support Thank God for that as well. Pray for me to keep my focus and to stay pure before the Lord because at the moment Thats the hard part for me. I’m single by choice at the moment because of hurt and pain and not dating the right guy and rushing into relationships. I’m 31 years of age just wanted to bed that as well. God bless you!

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. You will be in my prayers. God is very able bless you as you choose to put Him first. I am so happy you enjoy the blog. God bless you and your son always and forever!

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