The Way You See Me

The Way You See Me

Coming up as a young woman, the perception I had of myself was based on the way you see me.  “You” could have been anyone.  Teachers, coaches, friends, and family, all developed how I viewed myself.  I took their observation of me and made it my own.

I believed I was a good athlete because my coach told me so.  I believed I had a knack for ratios because my math teacher Miss Yates announced it to the entire class.  In reality I had a difficult time with math, but after she told the class that I was the expert, I scored highly on my tests.  She was so wise.

Unfortunately not everyone gives us such positive reflections.  The way you see me could have a negative twist.  In the eyes of some I am beautiful.  In the eyes of others I am a simple plain Jane.  Some look at me and see no talent, while others believe I can fly.

I could never change the opinion of people, although I wasted precious time and energy attempting to do so.  I did, however, have the power to change me.

It was time to step away from the way you see me.  To get what I wanted out of life and find contentment, I had to search within myself to answer the question, “Who am I?”  Otherwise, I would be eternally bound by the opinions of others and my purpose for living would be unsure.

It was time to get to know who I really am…the good…the bad…the ugly…and the beautiful.

All truths about me are hinged on two facts.  First, I am nothing without Christ.  Second, I can do all things through Him.

Searching the essence of me and loving all the good I find within me, has helped me to become a more secure woman of God.  Holding a magnifying glass to my own soul, stabilized my esteem.  It has depreciated the value of how others see me.  Even when I am praised for being good, I know that if I take my eyes off of Christ, I will fail.

Today, the attributes of who I am are still being revealed.  I am open to the critique others, but one thing has changed.  The way you see me (whoever comes or goes from my life) does not solely define who I am or what I shall be.  I see me, as God sees me.  This is truth.

-Candra Brightwell-Evans

How has the way others see you affected your life?  What more can we gain by seeing ourselves through the eyes of God?

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3 thoughts on “The Way You See Me

  1. Will you allow the doubts in your own mind to stop you from getting to the places that you truly have the ability to go. Do you allow what people say about your work, or your dreams affect you ? The only way that you won’t be criticized is if you live a life without taking much action. We will always have people who come against us, even when we feel like we are doing what we can to help humanity. Just be you! Don’t let anyone stop you from being who you really are at heart! we have to realize that people will always talk about what we do, as long as we are doing something.

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