Resolving Conflict in Relationships

Listen in to a short chat (podcast) where I talk a bit about resolving conflict. 

Resolving ConflictConflict will arise in all types of relationships.  There is often not much we can do to avoid it.  However, we can (as Christians) learn the art of resolving conflict so that we can maintain healthy relationships. 

Conflict happens in our churches, families, communities, and in the arena of dating and marriage.  It can cause an extremely damaging divide if not addressed appropriately.  Because of this, I pray that love will motivate us to be kind, meek, and forgiving…even in the midst of conflict.

It is not easy.  Sometimes people push us to the point of pain and anger.  But I have seen too many relationships destroyed and even lives taken away, because unconditional love was not put to action.  When resolving conflict we should not lean to our own understanding.  Let us fight for love and not fight against one another.

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. (Romans 12:6)

God bless and enjoy the podcast!

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5 thoughts on “Resolving Conflict in Relationships

  1. Compromise is clearly the optimal solution to conflict. The problem comes when couples approach conflict as a win-lose situation, which makes it very difficult to reach a compromise. It’s simply human nature to want to be right, and so we approach resolving conflict from a right or wrong perspective.

    1. I do agree. And when too much criticism enters the relationship, it soon sours the relationship. Thank you for reading and commenting! I look forward to viewing your site!

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