Sticking To His Plan…. plus Book Giveaway!

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Sticking To The Plan….

Today the Spirit of the Lord revealed to me that I have not been sticking to the plan.  I made a decision years ago that I would trust in the Lord with all of my heart and lean not to my own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5) This was my plan to combat anxiety, worry, and discontentment.  In the latter years of my single life, trusting that God would supply all of my needs, gave me peace and joy.  The plan works!

Sometimes it’s easy sticking to the plan.  On my more troubled days I need more of God’s Word to bring me assurance.  Prayer, fasting, reading the Bible, and worship, are all a part of my anti-worry plan.  When I stick to the plan I have peace.  When I stray…well……

I have my days when I think I am sticking to the plan but really I’m far from it.  

I say that I am trusting in God, but my actions tell another story.  If I am trying to figure the problem out myself, then I am leaning to my own understanding.  If my problems keep me frustrated then I know that my professed trust in God is waning.  

Suffering, even with a quiet anxiety, is not part of God’s plan for His people.  It is not conducive to healthy and whole living.

The Lord is reminding me today that I cannot worry and trust at the same time.  Jesus told us to take no thought for tomorrow.  Do not worry about the daily cares of life.  He said look at the birds and the flowers.  See how they eat and grow.  How much more will God provide our needs.  

God knows what we have need of.

So here I am to reaffirm the plan to trust God with my whole heart.  The evidence will be joy and peace reigning in my life.  Daily I need the Lord and daily He will supply my every need.

Therefore, if I pray, what is there to worry about?  If God hears me when I call, I can rest through the night.

For years I listened to an elderly mother in my church sing these words….Now I sing them.

If you know the Lord is keeping you,
Whatcha got to worry about.
If you know the Lord is keeping you,
Why don’t you sing and shout.
Sing, Hallelujah!
Praise His name!
Every day won’t be the same.
If you know the Lord is keep you,
Whatcha got to worry about….

….Keep smiling.  Keep trusting.


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6 thoughts on “Sticking To His Plan…. plus Book Giveaway!

  1. It’s so true that worry is a faith-killer. Actually, you might say that it is indicative of a lack of faith. Trusting the Lord and forgetting about oneself is the key to living a joyful, assured life of faith.

  2. Such a good topic, just today I releaseed burdens I didn’t even know that I was carrying. It wasn’t until the tears were flowing did I realize I was unknowningly operating out of my own strength and worrying…one cannot worry and trust, great word!!!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Sometimes I am not aware of my heaviness. One Sunday morning the Lord laid it on a sister’s heart to pray for me. I was busy as normal, but I will never pass up an opportunity for prayer. I thought I was fine, but after they prayed (another sister joined in with her), I felt so much lighter…so much better! Thank God for taking all of our cares! 🙂

  3. This is soo cool!
    I woke to find my bible opened to this exact passage, wow, Gods so amazing! We are so blessed when we come to Him with our deepest fears and our most trusted treasures. Gods been speaking to me this message from Brett Merric – You can NEVER DO BETTER THEN JESUS, at first I was like “yes good word” but the more I think about it, the more I find the idols of worry in my heart that hold fear as I consider having to suffer loss, or having to let go of my deepest hearts desire -and can I at that point truly believe -that I CAN NEVER DO BETTER THEN JESUS? Amazing, let that sink into your situation, have you allowed a desire or a care become more significant then the Power of Christ being Your all?
    Humbling when we consider this passage in Mathew. Thank you for sharing, totally what Gods been speaking to my heart as well.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts AC! Wow, I love that question… ” have you allowed a desire or a care become more significant then the Power of Christ being Your all?” This puts all of life in perfect perspective! This will definitely be a part of my meditation. God bless!

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