Just Rest

Just Rest

This blog post was inspired by my Ronnie….

I woke up feeling more tired than when I laid down last night.  Do you ever have a day where you feel sad and cry for what seems to be no reason at all? 

You try to discern what the problem could be.  Am I sick?  Is it the job?  Family?  Finances?  Hormones?  😉

Ronnie held me in his arms, looked into my eyes, and said, “Just rest.”

Sometimes the cares of life are crushing.  Our minds get bogged down with so many worries that it becomes difficult to distinguish one from the other.  Then we load down our cares with busyness.   We run errands, solve problems, serve in ministries, raise children, go to school, and manage our homes.    

When do we just rest?

Some of you may be like me.  The demand for your time is constant.  Even though you may be single, you still find it difficult to balance life.  George Bush was president the last time you really exhaled.

But let God’s Word be our guide.

It is vain for you to rise up early, to stay up late, eating the bread of toil; for he gives sleep to his loved ones. (Psalm 127:2 WEB)

Today I stop and ask myself…. Am I eating the bread of toil?  Am I laboring to the point where anxiety has replaced my purpose?  It is good to work and be diligent, but is my work becoming my worry? …even my work for God?

Within minutes of Ronnie advising me to just rest, I had to get prepared for the office.  But I knew immediately what he was really saying.

I need to find rest for my heart and soul.

This means that I have to learn how to separate worry from my work and responsibilities.  So starting today, resting is my highest priority.  I can’t put my life on hold, but it is necessary at this point to make adjustments in my priorities and discern how much of what I have to do is really needed at that moment.

My best rest will be gained by finding more faith in God.  Can we ever have enough?  So here’s to getting rid of unidentified anxiety and resting in the love and grace of God.

Are you finding yourself weary and not sure of its source?  Just rest.

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