The True Love Waits Bracelet Giveaway Winner Is…..

The True Love Waits Bracelet Giveaway Winner Is…..

….Heather G.!!!

Heather has already been contacted and her True Love Waits gift is on its way!

I want to say thank you to all who have subscribed, liked our Facebook page, and followed Love and Grace on Twitter.  It is your participation on Love and Grace that encourages the growth of this Singles Ministry.

I am currently working on a new component to Love and Grace for Christian Singles.  It will give instruction and encouragement on how to live an abundant single life.  

Most of the tips and tricks I have seen on the internet on how to get a man sounds good on the surface, but any plan to be blessed without faith and without concern of God’s plan is a flawed one.  It’s time to get back to the basics and live abundantly through the Word of God.  I am super excited about this new page for Love and Grace!

Later I will be publishing an article from a new guest blogger.  She is the creator of  I am honored to feature a post from this blessed new ministry on Love and Grace, so stay tuned!

For those of you who tuned in to the Saved and Single conference call with Robbie Mac, you know we had a dynamic discussion about online dating.  As soon as that archive is uploaded to his YouTube channel, I will share it with you all.

God bless and congratulations again to our True Love Waits winner!  Wear it well!

-Candra (Brightwell) Evans

My current reads!

Innocence Of A Child by De’Ron Smith
The 40 Day Soul Fast: Your Journey to Authentic Living by Cindy Trimm

And check out these resources for Health and Beauty!


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