A Love and Grace Reader Email…How God Writes A Love Story

I received this message from Carolynne S. and I asked her if I could share her love story with other Love and Grace readers.  I am so happy she said yes, because her love story touched my heart deeply.  Keep in mind that this is only a tiny glimpse of how God blessed her.

write love storyWe each have our own unique love story written by God. Hearing these stories provides encouragement that we can trust in God’s timing.  When He delivers His blessings to His sons and daughters, it is joy unspeakable!  The what and the how of God’s blessings far outweighs the when!

I married at the age of 36 and I say again and again….I would wait another eighteen years for my Ronnie.  

The blessings of the Lord are that good!!!

Carolynne’s story is one of many I have heard since starting the Love and Grace for Singles blog.  I hope to hear more! Don’t you? 😉

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick; But when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. – Proverbs 13:12 (ASV)


Hi Candra,

Your love story made me smile. My story is so similar although I was
nearly 50 years old when the Lord sent my husband two years ago! I too
basically said that God would need to drop a man out of the sky for me
to consider marriage now. No more “seeking.”

In September of 2010 the Lord “dropped” an old friend back into my
life. He literally knocked on my door and “just stopped by” to see how
I was doing. He began to “drop by” more often and to do handyman work
around my house.

The Lord opened our eyes to one another and things moved rather
quickly. We married in July of 2011. It is a fantastic first marriage
for each of us. God IS FAITHFUL! I had totally given up on marrying,
but others were praying, and God had His plan.

I am still amazed when I look over and see him standing next to me or
when I look down and see a wedding band on MY finger. There are times
when I almost forget that I’m not “never married” anymore.

I have truly learned that God’s ways are higher than ours, and we

Many blessings to you, your husband, and your ministry!
Carolynne 🙂

When God Writes Your Life Story: Experience the Ultimate Adventure by Eric Ludy
Praying for Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart for His by Robin Jones Gunn
When Dreams Come True: A Love Story Only God Could Write


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6 thoughts on “A Love and Grace Reader Email…How God Writes A Love Story

  1. Thank you so much for this Carolynne. I’m in my mid-40’s and have never been married, but I still have that little glimmer of hope that I will get married some day. I keep telling myself why would God give me this desire and feeling that it will still happen at this age if there’s not a chance. Thank you for reminding me it can still happen.

  2. Carolynne, words can’t convey how much your story blessed me! Like Rene, another reader who commented on your story, I am in my mid-40’s and have yet to get married. While I am still hopeful that one day I will be married, some days it just looks like it just might not happen. However, I know that God is amazing, and His plans are greater than mine. Thank you for reminding me that my desire to get married just might still happen–even on those days when I just can’t see it ever happening!

  3. Candra, Wow! Thanks for sharing this lovely lady’s story! This really gives me hope…although I am only 24, this gives me reassures me that I can wait on God. Like my new favorite verse Isaiah 64:4 says,”Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived,no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.”

    God Bless,

    1. Hi Shae! I am thankful that she allowed me to share it with everyone. We are encouraged by each others testimony. God bless you and thank you for sharing Isaiah! 🙂

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