Sexual Purity and Modern Dating

{This guest post was written by Wyatt Fisher, Psy.D., the founder of}

Sexual PurityAs everybody knows, we live in a very sex saturated culture where sensuality is in our face everywhere we turn, including movies, sit coms, music, magazines, websites, etc. Obviously, sex sells and media giants have used this to their advantage to maximize profits by infiltrating sensuality throughout our society. For Christians, the battle for sexual purity within our sexually saturated culture is becoming more and more difficult. However, instead of giving in to this overwhelming trend, singles on Christian dating sites must fight harder than ever before to remain sexually pure by preserving sex for marriage alone.

One of the first reasons to do this is to honor God’s mandate to do so. “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders” (Mathew 15:19, NASB). As most people know, fornication is defined as sex outside of marriage and God wants us to avoid this behavior. Unfortunately, social pressures and influences can be powerful forces in one’s life. Often, when the majority begins doing certain behaviors it can be tempting to follow along, despite our deep held convictions otherwise. However, God would want us to resist this urge and honor His values instead.

The next major reason to preserve sexual intimacy for marriage alone is because of the problems it can create. Obviously, there’s the significant risk of unwanted pregnancy and disease that all people are concerned about. However, another major concern often overlooked is the tendency for physical intimacy to quickly dominate a young relationship if sex is permitted. When sex becomes central in a courting relationship, it decreases the tender development of emotional and spiritual intimacy needed for the longevity and success of the relationship.

The third major reason to have sex only within the bounds of marriage is because of the wounds it can leave when permitted outside of marriage. Sex beyond marriage doesn’t have the commitment marriage brings to safely allow it to grow and flourish in the way God intended. Instead, partners can quickly feel used by one another and devalued, leaving both feeling unfulfilled and disillusioned. When this occurs, both partners often express remorse over their sexual behavior and how it actually created more pain for them both during and after the relationship ended.
Therefore, keep up the fight for sexual purity by honoring God’s mandate, allowing emotional and spiritual intimacy to fully develop, and avoiding much hurt and pain.

Wyatt Fisher

About Wyatt Fisher:

Dr. Fisher started a private practice with an intense desire to help people have healthy God-honoring relationships. Because of his own broken past, He wanted to do all He could to promote Christ-centered intimacy and wholeness. This eventually led into his vision to create to provide a high quality alternative to secular dating sites to help Christian singles find one another and learn through our posts, blogs, and articles how to develop authentic, honorable, and godly relationships.


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3 thoughts on “Sexual Purity and Modern Dating

  1. I thank God for your ministry God richly bless you. by His grace I have a single group in Ghana call Royal Maidens Fellowship we are also doing our best when it comes to sex education we pray that God will help this generation.

  2. It’s good to point out the hard facts. Sometimes we get used to the modern day culture about sex and purity but that’s something that should not be tolerated. Christ has given us His wisdom, laid it all out clearly in the Bible and we need to follow. We can’t claim we’re His followers but don’t do what He says. This is a good reminder so thank you very much! God bless you!

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