Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single Day 15 – He Was Always Free

He Was Always Free

Today, a dear friend passed away. He battled with sickness for many years. We all knew the time was coming where we would have to say good bye, but who is ever really ready.

The first thing I felt when I heard the news was pain. The tears still haven’t stopped flowing. All I have to do is picture him in the sanctuary singing and praising God, and I’m nearly ready to lose it.

My second emotion was relief. He was in so much pain and discomfort. He was frustrated that the strength in his body would not allow him to work in ministry like he wanted.

I feel comfort in knowing that his physical pain is gone and he will never feel alone again. As my mother said to me this morning, there will be no more doctors, surgeries, medications, or needles. It is all over now.

I thought to myself, “He is finally free.”

Then the Spirit of the Lord impressed on my heart… “He was always free.”

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. (2 Corinthians 3:17 KJV)

The Spirit of the Lord was with him, and in him. In the hospitals, God was there. He was unmarried and lived alone, but God was there. When he needed help, God was there.

My friend was always free. Sickness attacked his body, but his spirit and soul were free. The spiritual bonds that once held him captive, were broken many years before this. Therefore there was nothing of this world that could keep his spirit down.

He was free to worship God, and he did so until his last breathe. Sickness, loneliness, or fatigue, could never shackle his soul or his faith. He is free to live again, forever.

When times of sorrow come your way, remember the liberty you have in Christ Jesus, to pick yourself up and keep pressing forward. There are no more chains holding you.

Thank you for allowing me this day to remember the freedom and life of my friend.




4 thoughts on “Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single Day 15 – He Was Always Free

  1. This is so powerful, deep and profound. The one thing I long for…the one thing I’d ask from Him if I could ask anything is freedom. I was not familiar with the Scripture you provided but I will surely meditate on it, thank you again!

  2. Hi Candra. So sorry to hear about your friend. I can witness to the comfort and peace of heart and mind the Lord will give you. fall into His arms.

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