Overcoming The Sorrow… Day 17 – The Perils Of A Crush

I used to think that having a crush on someone was a teenage thing. You see someone from afar and want to speak but you’re too shy. You love their look and how they talk and soon the very thought of that person sends your head spinning. Yes, I thought this was teenage stuff… until it happened to me at twenty-something and until I heard it happening to others at thirty-something… forty something… and so on.

No matter our age, there is something that remains constant… we will always have the challenge of managing our emotions.

crushIt’s called a crush because when the person of interest does not express a mutual interest, it causes confusion, frustration, and sorrow.

We desperately question if this is the person God has planned for us to marry. We are frustrated because we can’t get a read on his emotions. And once he moves on to date or marry someone else we are back to sorrow.

Crushes are emotional traps that we must avoid at all cost. A simple liking that turns into a full crush, can distort realty and make our emotions difficult to manage.

I got over my own crush by making a firm decision to move on with my life. Quite frankly, I was tired of chasing. I concluded that this is not what love does. Love does not deceive, mislead, or leave in us in an abyss of confusion.

Create boundaries in relationships where necessary. Be aware of those first initial tugs at the heart and clearly establish the reality of what’s happing.

Squash a “crush” before it crushes your happiness and the path to God’s true plan for your life. 


Falling In Love With Jesus Abandoning Yourself To The Greatest Romance Of Your Life
God Chasers: Pursuing the Lover of Your Soul by Tommy Tenny


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