Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single Day 29 – The Joy Of Giving

{Due to scheduling conflicts I will be publishing Day 30 (Final Thoughts) later this evening. The entry for the giveaways will be linked in that post.}

joy in givingThe Joy Of Giving

 “I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service.

I served and I saw that service is joy.” – Kahlil Gibran

If you want to overcome sorrow of any kind, practice the art of giving. When you have a heart to give and to brighten someone’s day, your giving will return to you. “You reap what you sow”, is not just something people say. It is a biblical truth.

Starting today, find some thing or some service that you can give to someone else. Ask God to help you identify a need and take action. Even something as small as making a phone call to say, “I’m thinking of you today and I love you”, will give you as much joy as it will give the receiver.

Be sure to give with your heart, not just your hand, and that in itself will be joy enough.

Want more joy? Give.


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2 thoughts on “Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single Day 29 – The Joy Of Giving

  1. This is so true. Giving offers a unique joy to the giver that one does not have when receiving. In this season I have been volunteering with a local Christian ministry and helping an adult work on becoming a better reader. This opportunity has helped me to reflect on how far I have come professionally. It has made me grateful for the sacrifices my parents made for me to achieve the success I have thus far. It has helped me to stop thinking about what I am “lacking” and instead of what I have. Thanks Candra!

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