A Good Place And Time To Let God Be Your One And Only

A Good Place and Time To Let God Be Your One And Only

The courtship ended. The promise of marriage is broken, and He’s dating someone new. You have resolved that it’s for the best and you’re ready to move forward.

The fear of letting go of a relationship that was never going to work has been overcome. Yet, before long, there is this longing to rush and find someone new.

After all, you know how nice it is to say, “I have a boyfriend”. The memories of date nights and the ideal Valentine’s Day are not so far away. Sure, you’re ready to move forward, but not so sure you can do it alone.

God Your One and OnlyWhen you find yourself in between relationships, it is a perfect opportunity to take some time, and let God be your one and only.

Often while we’re waiting for a new man, God is waiting for us to allow Him to love us the way we need to be loved. We can be so consumed with relationships that we push God to the side. Our time with God becomes less frequent and less intimate.

As we look for the next relationship we sometimes fail to allow God to heal our brokenness from the last relationship. Why is that so, when He is the only one that has and freely gives the satisfaction our souls so desperately need?

While you are waiting on the perfect man, remember that God is your perfect everything. God is your perfect love. He is perfect in faithfulness. He is a perfect comforter. He is the root from which all of your blessings grow.

Jesus provides enough love and grace to keep us from being overly anxious and discontent in our single season. The key is to give Him our time.

If a man you loved walks away, you are not at a deficit as long as you have Christ.

While the dates are on hold, give God as much time as you can. Snuggle on the sofa and tell Him about your day. Tell God how you feel. Share your insecurities and your dreams. Read the scriptures and understand His heart.

Then close your eyes and rest in His peace. Let Him speak to your heart and fill your life with spiritual love and happiness.

In your single state, you will find more opportunities to enjoy God. Abundant living does not begin and end with a boyfriend. There is a love that is perfect and never unsure. Let that Love in.

Romance is wonderful and falling in love with the right person is a blessing.  Dating and courtship really are delights in life. But if you find yourself in between these delights, delight yourself in the endless love of the Lord.

Single, courting, or married, God is “The One” for you. Slow down and make time for Him to be your one and only.




6 thoughts on “A Good Place And Time To Let God Be Your One And Only

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this Article! I’m not looking 4 a boyfriend I’m waiting on a Husband! One thing we can agree on more intimate time with the Lord can be Boosted Up even though I go to Him with everything concerning my life! I love what you said Making God our 1 and only! That statement makes waiting 4 me a little longer and better 2 endure! God Bless!

    1. Hello, waiting on Christ and making Him our priority is truly important. When we wait on Christ it seems as though things just seem to fall in place. It is not that we will not endure trials. But when these trials do come, we will be able to handle them with His strength, love, dignity, patience, wisdom, and understanding. Waiting on God is such a blessing because He is the only one who can bring us our Boaz.

  2. i love this piece.thank you soo much . and you are right .if we dont learn to enjoy God in our single state, how will we enjoy him when we are dating and have someone else on mind.God bless you

  3. I definitely agree with this post. Many times we get so wrapped up in the newness of love and relationships that God, unfortunately, take the back seat. It’s in our time of singleness that God draws us back to Him. He offers us the opportunity to rekindle (or begin) an intimate relationship with Him. God showers us in agape love and loves us to wholeness. He mends our broken heart and ministers to our spirit. He allows us to realize all the things that went wrong in our last relationship so that we’re aware of what to avoid next time. God is our Father and He cradles us in His loving arms after heartbreak.

    By the way, I’m in search for like-minded people who may be interested in the various topics I write about. I’m a new Christian author and wanted to innocently share my book Lust, Demons, and Love that’s available on Amazon Kindle. It’s not only affordable, but it shares a message about the demonic strongholds associated with premarital sex. It also shares God’s original intent for relationships. If you’re interested, you can find my short book here: http://goo.gl/Wb0Aff. You have a new subscriber, also! 🙂

    Asia Mouzone

    1. Thank you Asia for commenting and sharing your book. I will purchase today and share with our readers. And thank you for subscribing! I am honored! 🙂

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