Table For 1, Please! Book Review

A Love and Grace book review of Table For 1, Please! written by D. Michelle Thompson…

Table For 1, PleaseAuthor, D. Michelle Thompson, so graciously sent me a copy of her book, Table For 1, Please! I was expecting something along the lines of a study journal or devotional. Well her book is all of that and then some.

She encourages those who are unmarried to “live victoriously as an individual”.

Thompson’s message is delivered through a brilliantly written fictional story. The story follows the life of a young, educated, and successful woman named Brinly.

The book chronicles Brinly’s journey to living a joyful life in spite of struggles with celibacy, failed relationships, and her attempts to do things her own way. She learns what singleness truly means and although she sits at a table for one, there is a place for God at the head of her table.

I was completely drawn in by Brinly’s character. Not only is this book relevant and a teaching tool for Christian singles, it is also an engaging read. You will be on the edge of your seat, surprised at the twist turns that take place in Brinly’s life.

At the same time, Brinly’s story is so relatable that you will connect with her from page one. I was moved by the impact that other characters in the book made on Brinly’s life… both for the good and bad. At some point we learn what true love is, and is not. It is impactful to learn these lessons through the eyes of this character.

Ms. Thompson also includes poetry, and powerful symbolism to further enhance her message to her readers. The book is a unique jewel that every woman who desires to be married should read. It confirms that our lives will not all take the same path. To enjoy and appreciate the path we are on, we must hold dear our relationship with God and say, “Yes, Lord.”

As much as we want to “know” who our Mr. Right is, we must first desire to “know” God above all things.

I leave you with one of my favorite excerpts from the book…

“Unfortunately, many of us (me too!) have allowed our current situations, statuses, and conditions impair our purpose in this world. Yes, getting married is good; yes being fruitful with children and raising them is purposeful. Yes, making money can be purposeful when you know what to do with the money. And yes, volunteering is being purposeful. But I want us to all have a Table for One with God, that only you…., you alone can provide the entree. No one else can provide this present, this entree….. Your purpose is your plate, your entree for God. He can only get it from you!”

About the Author

D. Michelle Thompson
Single at 40 years of age on purpose, D. Michelle has found more joy, purpose and victory at a table for one, than some have found at a table for two. She serves God in ministry and the marketplace as a teacher, speaker and marketing consultant. D. Michelle has been featured on TBN, Moody Radio and at Lakewood Church Singles’ Ministry. She hosts the Table for 1, Please! Radio Show weekly on BlogTalkRadio.

Connect with Ms. Thompson on Twitter – @tablefor1please
Table for 1, Please: How to Live Victoriously as an Individual


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