Time. Focus On The Blessing of Now.

blessing of nowTime. Focus On The Blessing of Now.

There are days when I am either anxiously waiting for tomorrow, or filled with regrets of a discontent yesterday.
How sweet it is rather to go with the flow of God’s time.
To focus on the blessing of “now”, knowing that you have taken captive all the fruitfulness of today.

In many ways we want to rush time, but it is to no avail.
Young people rush time.
I can’t wait to be eighteen. I can’t wait to be twenty-one.
A child can act like an adult, but until they have more years under their belt; a child is still a child.

Then, time comes too quickly.
We’re not ready. We’re not prepared.
Lying on a death bed, we want to postpone time.
We grow older and wonder, where did the years go?
If only I could be twenty-one again.

Movies and novels play on our fantasies of time travel.
Time machines and wormholes glorify every time except the present time.
“It was better back in the good old days”, some say.
Or, “I can’t wait to see what it will be like in the year 2050”.

No matter how we push or pull on time, it will take its own course.
We will age.
The dispensations of time will manifest as our Creator allows.
We will continue to say goodbye to yesterday and wait for tomorrow.

There is contentment in respecting God’s time.
To focus on the blessing of “now”.
We find rest from anxiety by appreciating the time we often overlook, the present.
We hold such great value for the present time… when it is tomorrow.
Then we mourn the present time… when it was yesterday.

But when the present time is now, what joy do we find in it?
What advantage do we take of it?
Too often it is very little.
We give up the opportunities of today, to rush to tomorrow.

“I will have a better day tomorrow”.
“I will be happier tomorrow.”
“I will smile tomorrow.”
Is right now ever good enough?
The cycle continues, until we say, not again.

There is never a time when God is not blessing His people.
It is our privilege as His children to take full advantage of the time at hand.
Do not let it slip and be filled with regret tomorrow.

We cannot make God move any faster than He is willing to move.
And why should we?
All things are working for our good.

Enjoy each second of every age of your life.
Every season is for a reason.
Do not let today’s purpose pass you by.


~Candra Brightwell-Evans



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