Your Blessing Might Just Be Upstairs

(This post is inspired by my Ronnie)


BlessingHave you ever felt like there was a large gap between you and God? As if He is too far away to hear your voice and too far to see what you’re going through?

As far away as God seems, the desire of your heart seems even farther away. Where is the blessing?

When I was in my mid twenties there was a woman who lived three blocks down the street from my church. She was the littlest, cutest, most adorable seventy something year old woman I had ever met. I mean no disrespect by calling her little. She was about 4’5” with heels on. And yes she rocked her heels honey!

She joined our church family and often invited us down the street to her apartment to indulge in her baked goods. She lived in a small apartment building on the ground floor. It was a warm and cozy place. I loved the building so much that as I drove back and forth to church, I regularly looked for vacancy signs.

I had no idea that on those visits to Ms. George’s apartment, there was something, or rather someone special frequenting the lower level of her building.

Years later, Ms. George moved to a larger complex for Senior’s and I found my own warm and cozy apartment close to my job.

In 2010, about 10 to 12 years later, a revelation came to light.

All of this time and then some, I was longing to meet my future husband. I would eyeball a handsome gentlemen pushing a cart through the produce section and wonder, “Is he the one for me?” Have you ever woke up in the morning and wondered if that day would be the day God would send the answer to your prayer?

Will today be the day you are healed? Will today be the day you land your dream job? Will today be the day your children turn their grades around?

Your answered prayer is closer than what you can see.

If only I had a quarter for every time the Lord seemed too far from my circumstance. Was He working on my behalf? I prayed but I could not see an answer or confirmation that my voice was heard.

And somewhere on the other side of town, Ronnie was looking for his future wife. Where could she be? Even during his travel to Africa, he pondered if he would find her there. Was she in Ghana? Nigeria?

Little did I know that a decade before meeting my husband I would be laughing with Ms. George and eating pie in an apartment building that Ronnie owned! No, I was not in Africa but upstairs in a property that belonged to him! As I was upstairs visiting with Ms. George, he was downstairs taking care of management and maintenance affairs.

I don’t know how we never met back then, but I take comfort in knowing that God was working a divine plan when my eyes could not see.

This is how close we are to our blessings! In the natural realm, we see empty promises and unanswered prayers, but in the Spirit God is WORKING!

When we are ready, when God says it is time, He pulls your promise from the spiritual realm to the natural. Before you know it, you are face to face with your miracle!

Woman of God, walk by faith and not by sight.

Ronnie and I shared paths on the days I thought I would always be alone. But God was writing our love story even then.

My blessing was never far away. As long as God is near, so shall my blessings be!

Whatever it is you are waiting for, keep waiting…keep believing…and you will receive.

Your blessing just might be right upstairs. 😉


Abundantly Alive in Christ,



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8 thoughts on “Your Blessing Might Just Be Upstairs

  1. Candra, this is so inspiring! “Wow he (your husband) was with you all along….gives me hope that God is working all things out. It’s also amazing that you longed to be at the place he owned…

    All God’s Blessings!

  2. Hi Candra. This is Courtney from Central Baptist Church in St. Louis. I hope your New Year has started off wonderful. It’s 3:52 a.m
    on 2-14-15, and I’ve been up 20 minutes ago. I’m not sure why I’m up at 3, but my mom states that it could be God waking me up to give Him my attention. So I started praying and reading some scriptures from the bible. Let’s just say that my week has been well, but it has been a struggle….especially with me, at age 30, still single…then it’s Valentines Day. Yesterday, a friend of mine from Chicago stated that he may not get to visit me today, due to a deadline that needs to be complete at his job ( graphic designer). I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or just providing some excuse to not come. Now he claims to be a man of God that attends church every Sunday. He also prays, but it’s hard to believe when he lives 4 hours from me. Anyways, this is not the first time that he had to work on a Saturday. Overall, I asked myself “Is he even worth dating, if his job constantly gives him deadlines to finish?”, “Am I being to selfish and want to spend time with him and have a great time with him as he visits me?”, or “Is he telling the truth?” I pray and talk to God about him every day. I would pray for him and the job he works for. I even pray the prayer, “Lord, if he’s not the one..remove him out of my life peacefully”. Now That prayer is so powerful that it scares me, because God TRULY doesn’t take much time answering that prayer. It will happen when I least expected, then I’m like how Kevin Hart says “I WASN’T READY”. SIGHS…Candra I’m so tired of disappointments. I’m at the point now where I’m about to give up on dating. Don’t get me wrong, my desires are still strong for marriage, but i feel like God takes a long long long long time answering my prayer of a mate. Everyone else around me are married, had kids, dating, or engaged
    …even one of my line sisters got married recently to her second husband. I try my best not to compare myself with them, but I would wonder about what they are doing that I’m not doing. I have been praying and seeking God and asking him for my purpose in life or the purpose of my singleness. So far, I believe he wants me to finish my last class of graduate school (graduate on 5.15.15). Next, get my project management certification. Then, just travel…I just came from a ski trip two weeks ago…next I’m going to Punta Canta in May with my Soror, then Essence Fest in July. So, I have a lot on my plate at the moment…I just hope that once I complete school and get my certification..then God can send that guy to me. Candra…I’m being honest…single life is rough. Sometimes the single life sucks. Please pray for me. I know that God will give me the desires of my heart as long as I continue to seek him. It’s A Struggle…Especially When Years Passes by. Well it’s now 4:15. I’m going to study and hopefully fall back to sleep. Thanks for sharing your stories. I hope to share my love story one day. Be Blessed.

    1. Hello Courtney. I certainly look forward to hearing your love story. 🙂 I am excited for you and all the great things going on in your life. Graduate school, travel, friendships… that’s pretty awesome. The single life is rough and filled with highs and lows. At times you’ll feel wonderfully content and then a day like yesterday will come and take the wind from your sails. But still you will rise above your circumstance and overcome by faith in Christ Jesus. I know a few like your Chicago friend. I will never forget Maya Angelou’s line in Tyler’s Perry’s movie… “Love is many things… One thing it is not and can never be is unsure.” It’s good to stay prayerful and not be afraid to ask a prospective mate the hard questions. Loving and honest communication is important in any relationship…especially when it involves a deep investment of the heart. Your 2015 sounds power packed with goodness and blessings! What God has for you is for you…He’s never late and He’s never missed an appointment. 🙂

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