Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Over the years I have written about the importance of health and physical fitness. Along with my spiritual fitness regimen (prayer, Bible study, worship, etc.), I incorporate physical fitness into my life. Why?

Exercise not only keeps me physically fit for the Kingdom of God, but also provides emotional and mental balance to keep me on the path of life more abundantly.

Hopefully the following guest post will inspire you to make exercise a part of your daily life. You can do it right in your home and select the tools that will work with your budget!


Create a Home Gym on a Budget

By Ty Schmidt

You sweat. You push yourself to the limit (and it’s not always pretty). Or maybe you let any combination of these things keep you from heading to the gym to work out on a regular basis. As gym rates rise and lives get no less stressful to balance, it can all be a little much for the average person. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some tips for creating an affordable gym in your home so you can stop making excuses and start that journey to a healthier lifestyle you’ve been talking about for all of these years:

Find inspiration. It’s different for everyone. For some people, it helps to see themselves as they work out, inspiring them to push harder or run that extra mile. For others, it’s the right soundtrack or an inspirational quote that keeps them going. The best part? Inspiration doesn’t have to cost much. Whatever it is for you, find it, embrace it, and incorporate it into the space.

Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Via Home and Event Styling

Think multi-functional. For families with young children, sometimes the kids can become a reason not to work out. Make the most of your budget, your space and your time by considering a home gym that incorporates a play area for the kids as well. By adding elements of a playroom to the area, the kids should stay entertained at least long enough for you to get that workout in, and you’re able to accomplish two things at once.

Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Via Home and Event Styling

Keep it simple. Use the space you have available to you. A home gym doesn’t need a wall of fancy mirrors to get the job done. Invest in one or two good machines and other gym necessities (like a yoga ball, resistance bands and some weights) and work with extra space you have in the attic, or even in the garage or basement.

Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Via Decoist

Think vertical. Installing a wall training system that suits your needs and specifications doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Take the time to research what you would like to build, then shop sales at home improvement stores to make your vision a reality. Mount a TV on the wall and get motivated to stay on the treadmill through an entire episode of Scandal.

Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Via Decoist

Keep an open mind. Maybe you don’t have the space or resources to dedicate to a home gym. Instead, you may use an area of your bedroom or living room on a regular basis. That is okay too. Just be sure in that case to have the essentials on hand that you need to do the workouts you enjoy. The items will vary for everyone, but whatever they may be, they are really all you need to start working out at home at any hour of the day for almost nothing out of pocket.

Create A Home Gym On A Budget

Via My Best Badi

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2 thoughts on “Create A Home Gym On A Budget

  1. When I used to live in an apartment, I didn’t have enough room for a home gym. Instead, I kept everything in a bin in a closet. I had a few dumbbells, a yoga mat, workout DVDs, resistance bands and a kettle ball. This didn’t take up much room and it was all I needed to stay in good shape.

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