CSCS Advanced Face Serum Review

CSCS Advanced Face Serum Review

Blessings women of God! I have another beauty review for you! I was sent the CSCS Advanced Face Serum to try for my skin.

I never worried much about skin care in my twenties and thirties, but things have recently changed. It’s not that I am opposed to getting older. Nor am I searching the market for a fountain of youth.

But many woman at every age desires to look her best and I am not exempt.

At the same time I do my best to stay away from beauty and health products that contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

According to, a serum is a product specially formulated to help skin concerns. In my instance I struggle with fine lines and aggressive sagging. The sagging is not so much an age thing as it is inherited.

Serums are supposed to penetrate the skin deeper than a normal moisturizer to improve its condition. The CSCS Advanced Face Serum is a pure hyaluronic serum. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our bodies and encourages moisture, firmness and smooth skin.

This formula is gentle on the skin and acts as a humectant drawing in and maintaining moisture.


What’s Inside…CSCS Advanced Face Serum

The ingredients in the CSCS Advanced Face Serum are natural and organic!

  • De-ionized Water
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Isothiazolinones as preservative (developed by organic chemists)


My Results…

After cleansing, I apply several drops around my face and massage with my fingertips. If you wear makeup it is recommended to allow the serum to completely dry, which it only takes seconds.

After my very first application I could feel my skin tightening. The instructions recommend using the serum twice daily, but I have to be honest. I have some evenings where my goal is to get dinner on the table, spend time with God, spend time with hubby and get to bed as soon as possible. 🙂

Still, even once daily has made a tremendous change in my complexion and the texture of my skin.

Another plus is that you can find the CSCS Advanced Face Serum in two different bottle sizes. I have the 2 fluid ounce bottle and it appears it will be several months before I will need to re-order.

I have found stellar reviews of the product across the web and I am throwing in my thumbs up with all the rest!

Being forty is awesome and I wouldn’t change my age for anything. Still I want to be as healthy as possible from the inside, out.

As a Christian woman, what is your take on serums and other beauty aids?


Your Sister in Christ,

Candra E.

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100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum 2oz


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