Google Hangout with Candra and Ron…Your Relationship Questions Answered

Google Hangout with Candra and Ron…Your Questions Answered

Candra and RonFor a long time I’ve wanted to do a Google Hangout and chat with you all face to face! I asked my husband to join me and he said yes!

So now I am waiting to hear from you…

Are you in? 🙂

I am incredibly excited and happy for this opportunity to chat with you live and discuss the issues of our hearts. Singleness? Relationships? Health? Ron and I are following your lead.


  • Is God saying that he’s the one…
  • How do I get over a crush…
  • How to be happy and single…


  • What to know before saying I do…
  • How much do I need to know about his family…


  • The death of the self…
  • Communication…
  • Blending finances…

General Topics

  • How to have faith
  • The benefit of purpose
  • Fitness goals

The tentative date for this hangout will be Sunday, October 11th at 6:30 pm. I wanted to give everyone time to catch up with this post and submit your questions early or recommend topics.

If you do not have questions, you’ll still enjoy hanging out and watching us live. I pray that this will be a blessing to your life but there will be some comic relief moments I’m sure. 🙂

If you are visiting Abundantly You for the first time and you’re wondering who on earth is Candra and Ron… check out our love story here. 😉

If you have personal questions and would like to remain anonymous, email me at Otherwise leave your questions or recommended topics in the comment field below and watch for us in October!

Candra and Ron 2

Love you to life!


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2 thoughts on “Google Hangout with Candra and Ron…Your Relationship Questions Answered

  1. Hello Candra! I am prayerfully doing this! I am recently engaged to a wonderful Christian man. He asked me to be his wife on July 12 this year and I accepted. It was a most precious moment in my life, but things took a turn when we set a date and he backed out. Disappointed and hurt, I have accepted the excuses and am patiently waiting, but for how long? It is now almost December and he won’t mention marriage and I won’t push him to. He keeps saying God hasn’t told him when yet. Help!!!

    1. God bless you Maddy! Thank you for visiting Abundantly You! I can understand how disappointing this must be. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to postpone our original wedding date. It was so disappointing that I cried for days. However, we set another date right away.
      I can understand why your fiancé’s delay in setting another date is troubling. As a woman my mind would be all over the place trying to figure out why. So I discussed it with Ron to get a man’s point of view.

      His view: First, bear in mind that my husband pulls no punches. 😉 His take on the situation is that “you” are the prize. The whole purpose of courtship and engagement is marriage. For practical reasons there could be delay in setting a date. Reasons such as…. one of you embarking on a new career, preparing to move to a new city, working your way through debt…those kinds of things. But if it’s just a matter of God saying when to set the date, well, that seems a bit over spiritualized. If he desires to agree with God then that must mean that his pursuit and proposal was according to God’s will. Setting a date is the next logical step. Ron says sometimes men get cold feet or feel unsure if they are ready to financially, emotionally, and/or spiritually provide for their bride after the wedding day. But if he delays too long, you may want to reconsider attaching your life and heart to a relationship that could be unsure. Not to say that you should throw him out of your heart, but I guess as Steve Harvey says, “require” him to make the commitment. Ron has seen men jump back in pursuit mode very quickly if they believe their woman may slip from their hands. Again, he is not saying end the relationship, but make sure he is the one pursuing you. You are the prize girl!

      My view: Since marriage is in view, I strongly suggest pre-marital counseling. I recommend this for everyone. Even if you’ve been married before or have been walking with God for many years; sitting with a pastor or Christian counselor can help you work through issues that are seen and issues that still may be covered. Ron and I saw a Christian counselor after we were engaged and our counselor helped us to open up to each other. That is something that is difficult for most couples to do during the courtship and engagement phase because you’re still putting your best foot forward. But you have to be ready to stand by each other and support each other through everything if marriage is the next step. Counseling also encourages healthy communication. You have to know what’s really going on in his heart and he needs to know what’s going on in yours. Or maybe he would agree to just see a spiritual leader for general counseling on the relationship.

      As for you personally, keep walking in your purpose and keep yourself lost in God. He will work all things for your good.

      Ron and I still plan on doing another Q&A video soon, so stay tuned. God bless you both. We are praying for you guys. Nothing is too hard for God!

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