Christian Dating by chaseGodtv

Christian Dating by chaseGodtv

Courtship Christian DatingSo I stumbled upon this YouTube video and found it fitting for our 30 day series on Christian Dating and Courtship. I will clarify more tomorrow on how I define Christian dating and courtship. There are many strong views on how each term should or should not apply to saved Christians. Ultimately the purpose and intention for the start of a Christian romance should be marriage. This video is a few years old but very relevant to issues and questions regarding Christian dating today. A few topics and questions addressed in this video are…

  • Why doesn’t the Bible say more about dating and courtship?
  • The importance of intentionality
  • How do you know if you are ready to be in a relationship with someone?
  • When is it time to bring a long-term dating relationship to an end?

Joe, from chaseGodtv, touches on a variety of Christian dating topics. Watch through to the end. You’ll enjoy.

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