Love in Waiting

The Love in Waiting blog is about becoming a whole and happy person before saying, “I do”. While you’re in your “waiting” season, love God, love you, and take advantage of every great blessing that single life has to offer!Yes, living single is a blessing. Really…trust me on this. (Smile)


6 thoughts on “Love in Waiting

  1. Great Blog!! I have really enjoyed it and found it very encouraging as a young teen striving to stay pure.


  2. Thanks for starting this blog! I’m in my waiting season although I’m hoping to meet “the one” when I move to a different city soon! I started my blog to show women in their early twenties that life is good when you follow God, so I’m glad that I’ve found follow believers who hold to the same beliefs as me!

  3. I was in search of other mature Singles in the late 30’s such as myself to talk to and find more encouragement. Living in this world, and you see a lot of people who don’t live the way you do, it can be very stressful and frustrating. I am 37 yr old single parent of twin teenaged young men. I have never been married. I too agree with the founder of this blog that there are things God has help me to relinquish, before I walk down the aisle. I know debt was definitely one of them, trust was another. Now I am dealing with heartbreak, and I feel know that God is done a work already with me in that. Continue to pray for me and I will do the same.

    1. God bless you LaTonia and thank you for writing. I have posted some excellent resources for single Christian women at If you haven’t subscribed there already, please do so. I am on a mission to lift up and encourage single men and women who are waiting on marriage. It was such a difficult struggle for me and I pray that others will be more victorious in their wait than I was. I have also invited some other single Christians to write guest posts on my blog. I certainly don’t know it all and we all have our own uniques battles to fight. When you subcribe you will be automatically updated by email.

      Thank you again for sharing a bit of your story. Sometimes it’s just a blessing to know that we’re not alone in this waiting thing.

      Your sister in Christ,

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