About Candra Evans

Candra Brightwell Candra EvansIn an effort to share my testimony with other Christian singles, I launched the Love in Waiting blog in 2009.

I was very single and waiting for my “Heaven sent” husband.  It was God’s love and grace that carried me through the difficult storms of life that I often faced alone.

As you browse these blog posts, you will read about my experiences and lessons learned during my years of waiting.  Aside from the loneliness, I had to fight against the negativity and stigma associated with the status of being single.  

It took many years to see that my life was blessed.  I was not broken.  To reach the place of acceptance, contentment, and self-love, I had to trust God’s plan. It was God’s plan that I remained unwed for eighteen years and I am a better Christian woman for it. Because of the path God designed for me, I am stronger and wiser now.  

And at the appointed time, I was able to give my husband a better “me”.

While waiting, I learned how to overcome depression, insecurities, and anxiety.  It was not easy, but God can use hardships to produce life changing miracles. We know by the Word of God that He makes everything beautiful in His time.  

After many years of going against the grain of God’s plan, I lifted my hands in surrender. Apart from His will, there is no true love or happiness.

In the years that followed I found purpose, contentment, and happiness.  I learned to love me and my life as it was.  And after this, God said that it was time for my single season to change.

In August of 2011, at the age of 36, I married the one God kept for me.

{Read our love story.}

I pray to inspire Christian singles to trust God’s plan for their lives and live abundantly in His love and grace.

All my love, Candra Brightwell-Evans  

Candra Evans currently resides in Cincinnati Ohio with her husband, Pastor Ron Evans, Jr. and is a member of Greater Community Church of the Apostolic Faith.  Equally with her role as Christian blogger and pastor’s wife, she is passionate about health, running, and drama ministries.  

If you would like to invite her to speak for your event, please submit a message on our contact page.  Love and Grace Media also welcomes guest bloggers to come, write, and share!  If you would like to write for Love and Grace submit your information on our contact page.

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Email: GospelNewMedia@gmail.com 


10 thoughts on “About Candra Evans

  1. Candra, you are a blessing to Christian women in their single season. Thank you for being soo transparent and willing to share you spirit given wisdom.

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  3. Thank you Candra , just finished watching Pastor Toure Roberts was amazing, really helped gain some insight the way he explained it.

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