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Candra Brightwell-Evans

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Abundantly You also welcomes guest bloggers to come, write, and share!  If you would like to write for Abundantly You, please contact us below.  God bless you!

-Candra Evans

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6 thoughts on “Contact Candra Evans

  1. Good afternnon ,

    My name is Martha Macharia. I live in Katy Texas and I am married with two children. I have been a stay home mom since 2009. I love reading the word of God, singing, and prayer. I have a passion for the word of God. In 2011, God gave me a heavy burden for the young single ladies. In our society, many marriages are falling apart and many many people are making mistakes and getting hurt. I know that God does not desire for people to be in and out of relationships because He has good plans to give us a future and a hope. After God gave me the burden, he directed me to write a book. The title for the book is Waiting for a Husband, The Godly Way. The journey for writing this book has been one that is very humbling and exciting. I am humbled that God would choose someone like me with such a checkered past for His glory. Whenever I go through this book, I cannot deny that the Holy Spirit was heavily involved in the writing of this book and I was only a vessel. I thank God everyday for using me as a vessel. My prayer and desire is to get this book into every young single woman’s hands so that she can follow God’s plan as pertaining to waiting for a husband as she growns closer and closer to God. I also desire that every young woman will fulfill her destiny whether she gets married or she does not. If I were to summarize this book, I would say this;

    The purpose is to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God as she waits for a husband. Only in understanding the word of God can one tell the differences between a Godly man and one who is not for the word of God says we shall know them by their fruits. If you would like any more information about Waiting for a Husband, The Godly Way, you can visit my website at If you would like to order a copy, you can email me and I will get one to you or you can visit and look for the book Waiting for a Husband. Thank you and may God bless you.


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