Thoughts on Waiting and Why It’s Hard

Thoughts on Waiting & Why It’s Hard
by guest blogger Nicole D. Miller

Thoughts on WaitingI think the hardest part of waiting in singleness for me is the fact that I simply will have no control over WHEN or WHO or HOW.  I mean God has given me confirmation that He has a WHO but nothing else.  No other specifics.  And I personally am a planner

I lean towards the “type A” personality and that means I’m an organizer, planner, and time keeper.  A friend of mine actually designated me to be her “time keeper” at her future wedding.  She is not currently dating so who knows when she will be graced with my time-keeping abilities.  But I’m touched that she has thought that far ahead.  Come to think of it, that is probably b/c she too is a planner.  Anyways, I digress… 

The thing about the way God works is that He gives you these gifts and talents and things you’re really good at.  He then gives you times and places to demonstrate those gifts.  Like my job for instance.  I get paid every day to be organized, be a decision maker, and have excellent time management skills. 

I have held several leadership positions using these qualities all being ordained by God.  But then when it comes to my romance life (which is currently nonexistent) God wants me to take a backseat.  “I got this Nicole” He says.  And so He does not want me to choose the “who”, dictate the “when” or influence the “how”.  He just wants me to trust. 

“But Jesus, haven’t I been doing really great at being a leader in all of these other areas of my life?”  And I know what His response is.  Because in this season He has made it so clear as to how emotionally unhealthy and misguided I have been that I could not have possibly picked a great “who” or “when” or “how”. 

The other thing about me is, I always think I’m right.  And I’m slowly coming to the reality that I am actually not always right.  God is actually right more times than I am b/c, well, He is right ALL THE TIME.  So not only do I need to exhibit faith b/c I cannot have control over this plan He has for my romantic life but I also need to humble myself to say, His plan is best.  Selah. 

Another trait about my personality type is that I am goal-oriented.  So part of me desires marriage to simply check it off my checklist.  Something to accomplish.  Another notch under my belt.  But God’s word to me has been that I must become more people-oriented

I must focus on the people currently in my life and the relationships currently in my life so that I can become the person He created me to be.   I must fully give myself over to these people and this season and this life experience and in doing so I am being further prepared for my future.  I must live in the “now”.

I know from past experience when I have chosen to live in the now and focus on the now, the waiting itself has disappeared.  My focus has shifted and the “goal” was no longer the focus.  The “now” was.  And when I rest in the “now” or simply think of Him, I’m reminded that He is my Abba. 

That I know Him, and even better, He knows me.  He knows me through and through.  He knows my tastes and preferences.  He knows my emotional needs and He knows what will best manifest my purpose.  He also knows when I will be healthy enough to handle another person being thrown into the mix of my already full of people life.  And therefore, His WHO and WHEN and HOW will be just what I need. 

That is the place I know He wants His children to reside from.  That place of trust.


Nicole Miller Singleness~ Author and Blogger, Nicole D. Miller

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Free Love

Free Love

When I was a little girl my mom gave me a book of poems written by Helen Steiner Rice. My favorite was “Advice for Girls”. I thought I understood her poem then, but the revelation continues to unfold.

Let me share with you this poem and a story about a woman we’ll call Jennifer. Because this is a true story, many details will be omitted. Still, I pray that you understand the message.

free loveJennifer was in a committed relationship with a man for many years. She desired a place in his heart that no one was able to occupy since his ex-wife.

The expectations of Jennifer and her “significant other” as she proudly called him were worlds apart. He was looking for occasional companionship while Jennifer wanted much more.

He was honest about her place in his life. They had been long time friends and it was never his intention to deceive her. She committed her heart to the relationship. I suppose something was better than nothing. Maybe she could change him.

Perhaps he didn’t want the responsibility of being married. Or, possibly his love for his former wife never faded.  Although legally unwed, their souls were connected by the chronicles of their marriage. That is just how strong the marriage bond is. Nothing can undo the spiritual impact of this kind of covenant… another reason why divorce is so detrimental.

Marriage was not an option for Jennifer. Still, she stayed and trusted in free love. In her mind she was equal to a wife. After all, she was present in his life. She cooked him dinner, brought him into the lives of her children, and laid her head on his pillow.

He wasn’t seeing another woman. She wasn’t seeing another man. So what difference did it make?

How could Jennifer get hurt when she knew the terms going in the door? She knew there was a limit to his contribution. Jennifer understood that their relationship would only go so far. If she was accepting of that, then so be it.

“You want to be attractive and enjoy yourself while young.
You want to be admired and have your praises sung,
And all of this is natural and ordained by God above,
For God made man and woman to experience sex and love…
But never try to prove your love without a wedding ring,
And never deal in free love, for there is no such thing…”

Marriage is the ultimate commitment between a man and a woman. It is two people giving their whole selves to each other. Nothing is held back. A man and woman stand before God and vow to a lifetime of love without limits.

When a man marries a woman, he is openly saying to the world and heavens above….

This woman is more to me than just an object. I will not “test drive” her like a piece of machinery but will invest all that I have to create a permanent place for her in my life. Because of her love, I am driven to provide for her all that she needs to thrive. My heart is hers and our souls are tied. I will not commit without a covenant. My love for her is stronger than all my fears.

Jennifer never heard these words.

Marriage is more than a legal document. The marriage covenant is not only established on earth but it is established in Heaven. What God has joined together let no man put asunder (Mark 10:9). Marriage is a holy union and nothing else is comparable.

Without marriage the commitment between Jennifer and her significant other remains at a carnal Free Love 2state of being. Physical needs are met but the soul is left wanting.

After years of free love, Jennifer’s relationship ended. Because of her commitment and time invested she demanded the benefits and recognition of a wife, but there was never a marriage. Even though she agreed to wear the badge of girlfriend, she left the relationship angry and bitter.

If you settle for less than what you want, you get less than what you want.

“For free love is a sales pitch-It’s a game you cannot win.
The best gambler is a loser when you play around with sin…
So do not risk your chances for a long and happy life,
A life of true fulfillment that’s known only to a wife…”

Jennifer is not alone. Many like her believe they can form their own fashion of commitment. If he doesn’t want marriage, it’s okay. She thinks she can play the game of free love and make it work. She believes she can play the role of wife without the covenant.

She can play the role. But at some point the scene ends, the actors leave the stage and reality begins again.

I cringe when I hear a man call his girlfriend, “wifey”, when he has no intention of being a true husband to her.  You are not my hubby if you have set boundaries on your love. It is often a word of vanity spoken to pacify a women’s desire for an absolute covenant.

The vision of this world is limited to the things that are seen but there is a spiritual side that is affected by our actions. We must be careful in how the world guides us. Society recommends having multiple lovers before making a commitment to marriage. But if you have too many, the same society will turn and brand you as a harlot.

No one ever says how many is too many. How far is too far? Where is the boundary between dignity and degradation? But following Christ means not having to worry about such things.

Society promotes free love. Marriage is devalued and seen as an unnecessary price to pay for companionship. You remember the old adage, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

My prayer for you is to hold to integrity and remember that there is no such thing as free love. Your body, heart, and soul are priceless entities. Know your worth before you tie your soul to another.

Having his babies, cooking his meals and loving on him at night does not make you a wife. There will always be something missing. Paid bills, companionship, and sex are not payment enough. It is not honorable enough.

If you practice free love your heart will pay the price.

“For regardless of society and the morals they disparage,
Nothing in the world can take the place of love and marriage.”

-Helen Steiner Rice

 All my love, Candra.

Candra Evans resides in Cincinnati Ohio with her husband, Pastor Ron Evans, Jr. and is a member of Greater Community Church of the Apostolic Faith.  

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The Purpose in Waiting on God (For Marriage)

purpose in waiting
Blogger Nicole Miller

The Purpose in Waiting on God (For Marriage) by guest blogger Nicole Miller.

I would like to be 100% honest and share that I never wanted to be single. Growing up I saw how hard it was for my mom being a single parent and I made up in my mind that, “yea, marriage is definitely better!”

So I set out to “find love” as a teen and that misguided notion led me to a world of heartbreak (I have a blog post to prove it “How to Overcome Heartbreak: Recovering from Misguided Love). But thankfully Love found me anyway and set me on a better path (Love’s name is Jesus by the way).

Even as I journeyed on this better path which up until this point has included 9 years of singleness, I still nursed my best kept secret that “marriage is better”. So when friends married off and had children and bought houses while I sat and twiddled my thumbs anxiously, I envied and coveted the seemingly better life. My desire for love and marriage relentlessly burned within me and the daily denial of self was an inward battle.

This unmet desire, coupled with the reoccurring waiting periods God kept implementing in various areas of my life, created a serious challenge to be content in the season I was in. It wasn’t until recently that I finally saw the other side of the coin: marriage is HARD.

Now, people kept telling me it was hard, but no one ever told me why.  It wasn’t until I read “Boundaries in Dating” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend that I learned why (this book is recommended on Candra’s “Resources for Christian Singles” list).

God also threw in a few real life events to further hammer home the lessons on marriage He was teaching me.

Upon reading “Boundaries in Dating” I learned marriage is hard because it is a set up for two people’s characters to rub up against each other for years and years. I learned that it is the character of a person that you are stuck with for life (this includes their level of maturity and any unhealed wounds they are carrying around).

You see, my past experiences in relationships consisted of romance, feelings, emotions and passion. I was confusing my emotional connection with a person as love. I was overvaluing looks, personality and gifts/talents and undervaluing character and maturity.

Even after my first bout of heartache, I had still not matured in my understanding of the purpose of marriage. I had heard others say that marriage depended on selflessness, but I had no concept of the depth of selflessness that was required. I only knew that I had this desire and it was not being fulfilled. I only knew that I kept being obedient on the path that God called me to walk, and He was not rewarding my obedience (of course it was His obedience through me but “Self” has a tendency to forget that).

My culture, (both American and the Church) kept telling me that I was not ok being single. I was told that I needed someone to complete me. I was also told that by a certain age I should have met this person and started a family. And even though these were lies given to me by my culture, I really did want this family. I really did want to have someone to share the holidays with and celebrate with. I really did want to be a part of a pair.

The deception lies in the fact that if a relationship does not have a solid foundation, then it will easily dissipate and my culture does not like to wait for anything, let alone a good foundation to be laid. Furthermore, all things this side of heaven are temporary and cannot satisfy. My culture sends the exact opposite message, leading many into unrealistic expectations and hope deferred.

So in my 9 years of walking this thing out God’s way, in His mercy and grace, He was laying a solid foundation in me.  He saw that my desire for marriage was skewed but He still honored the desire He put within me and set out to make sure that it would be fulfilled in such a way that it would last.

There is always purpose in waiting on God and that has been His purpose with me: to lay a sure foundation. 

I finally understand that the purpose of marriage is to give of yourself and not receive (although that is always great when that happens). This purpose can only be fulfilled if there are 2 healthy people (healed and continuing on paths of healing), operating in systems of growth and who understand the need for putting each other first.

So even though I still struggle in this single state (especially being over the 30 mark with no children) I can honestly say I’m thankful for the wait. I am thankful that God has given me TIME to mature and learn His ways which includes His purpose both for marriage and singleness.


~ Author and Blogger, Nicole Miller
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The Single Season: A Purpose Filled Journey

single seasonThere is a percentage of the population of Christian single women who choose to embark upon a single’s journey.  I, however, frequently made it known that I was an involuntary participant of the single season.

For many of us, we pray and ask God for an understanding as to why our lives have taken this path. “What is this single season all about?” I would ask. “I did not sign up for this.”

But because we know that God is just in all of His ways we conclude that there must be a purpose. There must be one or several reasons for this. What is it that I should gain? Honestly the only thing I hoped to gain from being single was getting married. Oh, how in the dark I was. (Smile) I mean really… what a waste it would have been to journey for so long and not gain the greatest extent of what God had for me.

When walking in God’s plan, I soon found that there was much for me to gain. The greatest gifts for me were spiritual and emotional deliverance.

My single season was hard sometimes but it brought to light character flaws that needed correcting and brokenness that needed healing. It exposed my true self.

The call to “wait on God” exposed my insecurities and apprehensiveness about my future. I was lacking in patience and longsuffering. I thought I had great faith, but my single season exposed the limitations I put on myself as a woman of God.

I was very unwise in thinking that marriage would fix all of that.

In my reality, marrying at the age of twenty-five or even thirty would have only put a mask on the deficiencies in my heart. Marriage seemed like the easy way to security and contentment, but in the end my mask would have been uncovered again.

I did not want to bear the pain of loneliness or face the judgment of people. I did not want to be the third wheel surrounded by married friends or spend another Valentine’s night in my bed alone. Why did I need the frustrating tug-of-war battle between contentment and unhappiness? Just like the clay on the potter’s wheel, we are daily being made by our Creator.

God is ever molding us, beautifying us, and growing us into great masterpieces. Sometimes it takes a season of waiting to find out what we are really made of. Are we made of good stuff… joy, contentment, long-suffering, goodness, patience? Or is there still yet some tweaking to be done in our hearts.

In pain we find purpose and in waiting we find truth.

I would rather endure the sculpting of the potter’s wheel and be healed within, than to get married and remain broken, incomplete, and undone. No, I did not choose this single’s journey, but I trusted God enough to take His hand. He led me to greener pastures and still waters.

God broke many chains on my journey. Without the journey, I do not know where I would be today. I shudder at the thought. And when this journey is complete, there will be more to come. Hallelujah. If I had to do it all over again, I would walk the same path… except I would strut more in the joy of God’s healing of my heart and soul. 😉

I hope for you… Love, Grace, and Purpose in Waiting


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Preparing for Your Marriage Season

marriage seasonI have been invited to two weddings this month and it has put some thoughts on my mind regarding you.

I have a question for you.

How are you preparing for your marriage season?

Many of you have been following the blog for a long time now. Since subscribing to my blog, many of you have been involved in dating and courtship relationships. There are some who have married since you subscribed!

For those of you who are still living blissfully in your single season, have you made plans to prepare for your married season?

Now that I am a pastor’s wife, I talk with married couples fairly often. Some singles think their life is hard because they are not yet married. Unfortunately there are married women who also struggle with contentment because they are unhappy and wish they could start all over again with waiting on marriage.

With this in mind, I pray that you not only live your best single life possible, but that you will be blessed and happy after you say I do. One of the best ways to achieve this is by taking time for preparation. Understanding what marriage entails and how it will change your life, are keys for your success and happiness.

Sometimes you have to put thoughts of a good juicy love story to the side and get knowledge of the tools you will need to make that love story last a lifetime.

Does this topic interest you? Do you have questions or concerns about your marriage season that is soon to come? If so, leave me a comment below. I would love to share with you lessons Ron and I have learned in our short time being married and how God blessed us to prepare for oneness.

It is never too early to start preparing. God’s timing may be sooner than later.

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Thank you as always for subscribing, commenting, and sharing. Together, we grow in God.


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Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single Day 24 – Flowers

flowersWhenever I receive flowers or buy them for myself 😉 , I enjoy every moment of them. They are a fragrant reminder of how beautiful life can be.

They also remind me of how quickly time can pass us by. Within a few days, the pedals of a flower grow limp and eventually fall away.

In 2007 the old adage, stop and smell the roses, truly resonated in my heart. My life was routine. Day after day, I busily did the same things, the same way. Included in my routine was wondering if today would be the day I would meet my Boaz.

Busy, busy, busy…. too busy to change…. too busy to stop and see what other gifts God had in store for me. There was no time for smelling flowers, I was busy with worry…busy, busy, busy.

Like a flower, each new day has a unique beauty that is unlike any other day. A day of living is worth appreciation and admiration. As life’s pedals unfold, you never know what blessings will bloom.

Life changing adventures, once in a lifetime accomplishments, and just plain old fun times, bid you to come and enjoy.

Are you able to find joy in the treasures of everyday life? Have there been doors of opportunities or challenges opened just for you? What is standing in the way of you and loving the life you live?

I encourage you today to think of your days, the ones that have gone, and the ones that have yet to come. Will you be too busy with sorrow to try something new? Will you be too busy to laugh… too busy to smile?

Arise in each new day with a heart of expectation and appreciation. Let the flowers of life bring a smile to your face and hope to your heart.

He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not. Job 14:2

Good Reads For Christian Singles
Pink Lips & Empty Hearts Heather Lindsey

Can You Do It Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships: Insight To Help You Make Better Relationship Decisions – Kenny Pugh

I Don’t Get Wholeness … That’s the Problem ~ Making Relationships Work – Paula White

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Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single Day 14 – Your Joy

Welcome to day 14 of our blog series, “Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single.”

Keep Your Joy

The methods by which God restored my joy were not conventional ones.

This series is not about how to get married in 90 days or how to make a crush fall in love with you. Many find my blog when they search the internet for quick fixes to their single’s blues.

However for my single’s journey, I needed to find a way to accomplish two things.

First, I had to find way to connect with my reality. Denial and fantasy were two culprits that kept me chasing after what was never meant to be. They kept me playing a game I could never win. No win, no joy. But I’ll touch more on that in another post.

Second, I had to find the true meaning of joy. If I could learn the ways of joy, then I could overcome my dependence on people to make me happy.

I hope that as we travel through this series together, that you discover more and more each day that outside circumstances do not manufacture joy. Joy is a God given gift that must be deep seeded in the heart and manifest from the inside out.

Joy comes through faith, by grace, because of God’s love. When joy is produced from the heart, you can find the good in unpleasant conditions. You can rejoice in the storm, because you know that your situation will be better than it was before.

This is how women of God can smile and worship and help others, even when they don’t have all the answers.

So this series is about growing and maturing in faith, grace, love, and joy! In doing this, you will find the power you need to flourish as a single woman, mother….. and wife. 😉

Until tomorrow…..

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Overcoming The Sorrow Of Being Single…Day 7 – Appointed Days

When you are different, when there is something that sets you apart from the rest, people scratch their heads trying to figure out your story. As they measure you up, they do so based on the days of their life. It’s far from fair, but we can rarely escape it.

“You should get a masters degree at 24 like I did.”  “You should get married at 26 like I did.”  “You should have 2.5 children by the time your 30 like I did.”

Appointed DaysIf we buy in to their standard of measurement, we will find ourselves in a constant state of discontentment. How could we ever get, what someone else got, when they got it? Or who says that we should even have what they have in the first place?

There is sorrow in believing that we have missed the mark or been left behind, because another has already arrived at the place where we want to be.

There is an appointed day for you. There are appointed days that God has predestined for every event in our life. They are scheduled according to when the time is best for us and His divine plan.

Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. (Psalm 139:16 ESV)

In God’s book, our days have already been written. Before our birth, before our tomorrow comes, our days have been formed. There is sorrow in chasing the right blessing at the wrong time.

But when God brings to the appointed days the blessings you have been praying for, there is no sorrow added to it.

Let us take comfort in the fact that God never intended for our lives to mimic one another. Therefore, we can release the stress of trying to do it “like they did it.” God has already formed the substance of your days that you have yet to see. I don’t know about you, but I find that very exciting! [social_share style=”circle” align=”horizontal” heading_align=”inline” facebook=”1″ twitter=”1″ google_plus=”1″ linkedin=”0″ pinterest=”0″ /]

Companion Scriptures
Psalm 139
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
James 4:13-15

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Text Yes for Premarital Sex? We Must Do Better.

Singles Ministry News! – One of my best friends, Robbie Mac, has released his new CD. And yours truly had the honor of being a part of this project! It is the “Save and Single Word, Prayer and Affirmation CD – Volume 1”. This album contains Spoken Word, Prayers and Affirmations from seven, spirit-filled artists, spanning two countries. These brothers and sisters will remind you to tell doubt and defeat to get out of the way, so you can live a victorious life in Christ. Click here to listen and download!

Text Yes for Premarital Sex? We Must Do Better. 

The other morning I was listening to Roland Martin’s radio show. He reported a story about a mother who gave her son advice to protect him while having premarital sex. She advised her son to get prior approval, via text message, before having sex with a young lady. She also advises that he get an approval confirmation after the act, via text message.

Many people believe this is a good idea. Before laying down with women, men should have them send a “Yes” text message to their phone. It makes the transaction nice and clean, no misunderstandings. Hmmm….

As an advocate for abstinence until marriage, it is hard for me to wrap my brain around this so called safety dating procedure. The mother’s intent is for her son to not be falsely accused of rape. It is true that the lives of many men have been destroyed because of women falsely accusing them of sexual misconduct.

Yet still I wonder… Is this the best advice we can give? Get an approved text message first, saying that if we are intimate tonight, we are both okay with it.

I’m not convinced.

The theory looks good on the surface but at the bottom of the bucket there are many holes. How well will an electronic note hold up in the court of law? What if she says that she changed her mind and he pressured her anyway? And what comfort is a text message to two people who sleep together and walk away with regret and shame?

With all of the perils that come with premarital intimacy, our greatest concern shouldn’t be that our sons are not falsely accused of rape. Loneliness, emptiness, brokenness, insecurities, and fear are the more devastating culprits to arise when participating in premarital sex. We must educate and advise people to protect themselves from these things. Those who have been there and done that, owe better advice to the less experienced. 

There is no way to create a safe place for men and women to give their bodies away freely. In my life and through the lives of others, I have seen nothing else that works better than the application of God’s guidance for relationships.

There is no safe place for sin.

Sin will have its damaging effect on us wherever we are, no matter how we choose to perform it.

There is no safety net strong enough to securely hold us from the emotional and spiritual backlash of sex without a covenant. We can’t give up or be ashamed to share our salvation story. Those of us who are older and wiser owe it to God to teach the next generation the benefits of sexual purity. We can advise our brothers and sisters better than this.

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Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is): Sexual Purity in a Lust-Saturated World

Sex and the Soul of a Woman: How God Restores the Beauty of Relationship from the Pain of Regret

Breaking Unhealthy Soul-Ties: Do Your Relationships Produce Bondage or Joy?

Martha Macharia Shares Her Book: Waiting For A Husband

Written by guest blogger Martha Macharia…


Waiting For A HusbandDo you know that God has a plan for a successful marriage that you can follow long before you get married?

My book, Waiting for a Husbandprovides solid guidance for women seeking a positive direct.  It brings readers to a greater understanding of what is important in life; your relationship with God.

True joy cannot be found in a marriage without first establishing a quality connection with God.  Interspersed with true stories from women who have overcome difficult struggles, this book offers crucial steps to a healthy life, from believing in God to giving up idols.  Discover the men and women of the Bible who learned to live out their faith.

Waiting for a Husband provides guidance on:

– What it means to have a relationship with God

– How to stay pure and why it is important

– Forgiveness and new beginnings after fornication

– The truth behind ungodly soul ties

– How you fulfill your calling even if it seems you will never get married

– Setting boundaries

Our relationship with God is very important.  As we grow, we understand how he speaks and when he is guiding us.  When we are not in a growing relationship with God, it is hard to know when he is saying yes, no, or wait.

There is so much noise from within us and from the surroundings.  By knowing how God speaks and whether what we are hearing matches what his word says, we can avoid many mistakes.  We are able to tell the difference between a true God fearing man and one who is not.

Through our understanding of God we will be able to discern counterfeits.  The devil does send them our way and if we do not know the word of God, we will fall into the enemy’s trap.  God has shown us a way to wait upon him for a future spouse.  When we grow in understanding of who God is, then he can fulfill the desires of our hearts.

Our relationship with God is the key to a happy and fulfilling marriage because he will direct us toward the person he has created just for us.  Drawing from my own experiences waiting for Mr. Right, I share with a depth of understanding and hope.  Allow God to bring you the person he has in store for you as you grow in the knowledge of God while Waiting for a Husband.

Purchase your copy here… Waiting For A Husband 


About Martha…

I became a born again Christian in 2000.  After a few months I backslid and went back to my old ways.  I stopped going to church and did not care much about God.  But God did not stop caring about me.  Around June of 2002, I remember not desiring to do the things I was doing but wanting to go to church.  I quit drinking alcohol and did not care much about night clubs.  One morning in December 2002, God spoke to me.  He told me to either surrender my life to Him then or never.  I was really afraid and completely surrendered my life to God that day.  There was an instant change and I felt a lot of joy and peace.

I got married to my loving husband, Daniel in 2006 and God has blessed us with two beautiful children.  We currently live in Houston, Texas. My husband is a blessing from God just as my children are.  God says in the book of James 1:17 that every good and perfect gift comes from Him and I know that I did not and could not do anything to deserve these wonderful gifts.

Waiting For A Husband

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