Hand Raising Worship by Comedian Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins Hand Raising Worship

I was introduced to Tim Hawkins during one of our weekly devotions at work. The coworker that shared this video was unsure about the group’s brand of humor, but everyone was laughing at the end.

This video is a humorous way to break the ice when it comes to expressing our adoration unto God. After the video, the group had a more serious and empowering discussion about worshiping God.

This clip is by no means intended to degrade or mock how anyone praises God. If I believed that this was the case I would never post it.

When it comes to praise, some are like David and some are like the woman with the Alabaster box. I am a mix of both. (Smile)

There is no single scripted way to praise and worship God.

We must also remember that our greatest worship is our obedience to God’s Word. Let our praise and worship come from the heart, and let it be pure and honest.

If you praise God standing still but would really like to raise your hands, there is nothing wrong with that.

Watch this comedic advice from Christian Comedian, Tim Hawkins. It just might help someone get over their shyness when it comes to hand raising worship.

If you are looking for something on a more serious note, check out my links below for resources on worship and praise.

Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice! (Psalm 141:2 ESV)

Have a beautiful and blessed Friday Women of God! I love you to life!

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