Waiting on God |How Long Is Too Long?

Greetings and God bless to all of my beautiful sisters in Christ Jesus! Recently I have been putting more time and focus on writing offline. But as too not neglect Abundantly You, I want to share excerpts of an upcoming writing project with you. Please enjoy and be blessed. Love you ladies to life!

Waiting on God | How Long Is Too Long

Have you ever stood in line at the grocery store, glancing over the magazine covers, and suddenly an internal alarm goes off signaling that you’ve been waiting too long? When you realize you have been waiting longer than anticipated, your contentment weakens.

There is no written rule for how long is too long to wait in line at the grocery store. However, previous shopping visits have conditioned our level of acceptance regarding the amount of time we are willing to wait.

If we feel we have exceeded the customary time frame, if we are convinced that we have been waiting too long, we make a decision to be unhappy about the situation.

Impatience continues to grow as you look around to discover that the other lines are just as slow moving as yours. Something in the brain says that this situation is not acceptable anymore.

Human nature is not well known for its patience. We want immediate gratification. Many people escape to the nearest off ramp to avoid sitting on the highway. It doesn’t matter that their detour took them more time and burned more fuel. The important thing was to stay in motion and not be forced to put on the brakes.

But what if it takes “waiting” to get what you really want? Will the internal alarm of human nature force you to abandon your mission and settle for an end result that is less than what your heart desired?

Waiting On God

Contrary to our human nature, is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God provides patience beyond human comprehension. It is a super natural ability to be tolerant when our internal clock is shouting, “We’ve been waiting long enough!”.

God gives us instruction to walk in the Spirit because He knows the limits of our ability to practice patience. To overcome sorrow, to overcome discontentment, you must possess the Holy Ghost of God.

It is not like life to behave according to our plans. You will have disappointments. You will not always understand. There will be highs and lows on your journey.

The weight of disappointments can be too heavy for our own patience to carry. This is where the Spirit of God supplements our patience with the super natural kind. By His Spirit, God will give you patience that will override your internal alarm and give you rest.

Godly patience has the strength to carry the load when things are not going our way.

How long is too long? In God there is no such thing. Every day and hour is appointed for a purpose. Those few extra moments in the grocery line could lead to sharing the gospel with a stranger. Slow moving traffic could bypass your collision with a drunk driver.

Waiting on the Lord is never a waste of time. Instead it is the fulfillment of renewed strength and a strengthened heart. Waiting has purpose.

No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame, but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause. (Psalm 25:3 NIV)

How long is too long to wait on God? There is no such thing.

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The Purpose in Waiting on God (For Marriage)

purpose in waiting
Blogger Nicole Miller

The Purpose in Waiting on God (For Marriage) by guest blogger Nicole Miller.

I would like to be 100% honest and share that I never wanted to be single. Growing up I saw how hard it was for my mom being a single parent and I made up in my mind that, “yea, marriage is definitely better!”

So I set out to “find love” as a teen and that misguided notion led me to a world of heartbreak (I have a blog post to prove it “How to Overcome Heartbreak: Recovering from Misguided Love). But thankfully Love found me anyway and set me on a better path (Love’s name is Jesus by the way).

Even as I journeyed on this better path which up until this point has included 9 years of singleness, I still nursed my best kept secret that “marriage is better”. So when friends married off and had children and bought houses while I sat and twiddled my thumbs anxiously, I envied and coveted the seemingly better life. My desire for love and marriage relentlessly burned within me and the daily denial of self was an inward battle.

This unmet desire, coupled with the reoccurring waiting periods God kept implementing in various areas of my life, created a serious challenge to be content in the season I was in. It wasn’t until recently that I finally saw the other side of the coin: marriage is HARD.

Now, people kept telling me it was hard, but no one ever told me why.  It wasn’t until I read “Boundaries in Dating” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend that I learned why (this book is recommended on Candra’s “Resources for Christian Singles” list).

God also threw in a few real life events to further hammer home the lessons on marriage He was teaching me.

Upon reading “Boundaries in Dating” I learned marriage is hard because it is a set up for two people’s characters to rub up against each other for years and years. I learned that it is the character of a person that you are stuck with for life (this includes their level of maturity and any unhealed wounds they are carrying around).

You see, my past experiences in relationships consisted of romance, feelings, emotions and passion. I was confusing my emotional connection with a person as love. I was overvaluing looks, personality and gifts/talents and undervaluing character and maturity.

Even after my first bout of heartache, I had still not matured in my understanding of the purpose of marriage. I had heard others say that marriage depended on selflessness, but I had no concept of the depth of selflessness that was required. I only knew that I had this desire and it was not being fulfilled. I only knew that I kept being obedient on the path that God called me to walk, and He was not rewarding my obedience (of course it was His obedience through me but “Self” has a tendency to forget that).

My culture, (both American and the Church) kept telling me that I was not ok being single. I was told that I needed someone to complete me. I was also told that by a certain age I should have met this person and started a family. And even though these were lies given to me by my culture, I really did want this family. I really did want to have someone to share the holidays with and celebrate with. I really did want to be a part of a pair.

The deception lies in the fact that if a relationship does not have a solid foundation, then it will easily dissipate and my culture does not like to wait for anything, let alone a good foundation to be laid. Furthermore, all things this side of heaven are temporary and cannot satisfy. My culture sends the exact opposite message, leading many into unrealistic expectations and hope deferred.

So in my 9 years of walking this thing out God’s way, in His mercy and grace, He was laying a solid foundation in me.  He saw that my desire for marriage was skewed but He still honored the desire He put within me and set out to make sure that it would be fulfilled in such a way that it would last.

There is always purpose in waiting on God and that has been His purpose with me: to lay a sure foundation. 

I finally understand that the purpose of marriage is to give of yourself and not receive (although that is always great when that happens). This purpose can only be fulfilled if there are 2 healthy people (healed and continuing on paths of healing), operating in systems of growth and who understand the need for putting each other first.

So even though I still struggle in this single state (especially being over the 30 mark with no children) I can honestly say I’m thankful for the wait. I am thankful that God has given me TIME to mature and learn His ways which includes His purpose both for marriage and singleness.


~ Author and Blogger, Nicole Miller
Visit Nicole’s blog here… His Love is Better Than Wine

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